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10 Mobile App Development Trends To Hit The Market In 2018

10 Mobile App Development Trends To Hit The Market In 2018

Not so long back, we all were discussing what is going to be a big hit in terms of mobile app development trends of 2017, and now in no time, we are at the end of the year. So now when the New Year is about to start it will also bring the new trends for the mobile app development industry. To stay ahead in the competition and successfully run the mobile development companies, you should be well aware of the top trends of 2018.

App Development market has been the field which has witnessed constant innovative and unique modifications and thus has been the center of attraction for all the latest trends. 2018 is also expected to be the year which will provide the necessary help to the app development industry to be the talk of the town with its innovative trends. Let’s straightaway check the 11 mobile app development trends that are going to be the biggest hit for the industry in 2018.

  1. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

    Users don’t want to wait for a long processing. With the help of AMP, users can relatively experience a quicker loading of the pages on their mobile phones. With the introduction of AMP, it will help the developers to rapidly process the heavy websites and apps which usually takes time in loading. This will not only reduce the bounce rate but also improves the performance of mobile devices. From the SEO perspective, this will go to change the complete approach to the app development.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages

  2. Android Instant Apps

    Instant apps are actually the native apps which work almost like the websites. Instant apps are mostly used for attracting more number of users which helps to break the blockade between the apps and web. It runs very smoothly on every version of android mobiles, with a simple user-interface it also very easy to share with others.

    Android Instant Apps

  3. Machine Learning and artificial learning

    Apps are intelligently becoming smarter by learning what user wants. We can take any of the examples, from virtual personal assistant to cybersecurity, everything is moving towards a smarter technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This Artificial intelligence is expected to take its revenue’s growth more than $40 billion by the end of the year 2020.

    Machine Learning and artificial learning

  4. Cloud Tech

    If you still don’t know the importance of cloud tech or thinking about to implement it into your app development process, then you should stop wasting your time and do it. By integrating cloud tech, it can reduce the cost of equipment along with the hosting, helps in boosting the capacity of app storage, better production with a far better combination. If you want to pass 2018 with flawless app work, include cloud tech in the development process if you haven’t yet. 

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  6. Blockchain

    Already established its place in the tech market, this trend is again going to be the big hit of 2018. The blockchain is typically a record of company’s details which is listed as blocks no matter it is Bitcoins or any other transaction history of the company. No part of details can be changed or modified without flirting with those blocks with the complete plotting of the network. Blockchain in app development process can be a game changer for you to completely outplay your competitors if they are aware of this trend.


  7. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

    If we talk about both Apple and Google, they both introduced the integration in virtual reality and augmented reality. This is notably pointing towards the next level of app development and more importantly the gaming apps which will going to be inspired by this trending platform.

    virtual reality and augmented reality

  8. Mobile Payment

    With the ease that mobile banking has provided, there is a huge amount of users who have already shifted to the e-commerce. This digital change is also majorly inspired by Apple Pay and Google Wallet. This was one of the hot trends of 2017 and it is again expected to continue its magic with more power in 2018.

    Mobile Payment

  9. Edge Computation

    The hype of the IOT has entirely changed the structure of the computing technologies, which made the edge computing the future of this digitally amazing transformation. Big tech names such as HPE and Cisco has already started working with edge computing.

  10. Business Bots

    Most of the websites and apps have the chatbots integrated to assist the visitors and users seeking help or looking for any information about the service which was also a big hit in 2017 and again there is no reason which shows that it will not go to make it to the top 10 trends of the year 2018.

    Business Bots

  11. Analysis Prediction

    This trend is all about predicting the next situation and future results with the help of the artificial intelligence and machine learning. It will help the companies to get an estimate of the future business by analyzing the official data and other market results of the company. This trend is already established in the tech giants like Facebook, Apple, Google, IBM, etc.

Analysis Prediction


Now when you are very much aware of the upcoming trends of 2018 that can be a game changer for your company, work accordingly to match the requirement of the market and deliver the best possible innovation. Working with these trends and mobile app development strategies, it will definitely boost the current position of your company and helps you to compete well with your competitors in the market.

Be the change that you wish to see. Xtreem Solution can help you to be the one that sets the trends in the app industry. Being successful in helping our clients, we have been providing them with the needed assistance for years. Our well-trained employees understand all your needs and they can provide you an effective way to which you can be a popular name in the app industry and can adopt all the trending things following in the industry in the upcoming year of 2018.


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