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Studies show that an average user spends an average of 60 seconds on a website before rummaging its way to another. 60 seconds! That’s all you get to turn a visitor in to a sales figure. Hope that justifies the importance of a highly-effective home page. But studies also indicate that many small-business websites lack the basics, which puts them at risk of losing a customer with just one click.

To save your business from the harm, here are three most important things your home page needs –

  1. Clear navigation with working links: The home page of your site should have a clear navigation system either across the top or down one side of the page. The buttons should be clearly marked with words that correspond to the content on your site and help customers quickly find what they’re looking for. Also consider including buttons for shipping options, FAQs and background on your company. And beware of broken links!
  2. Contact information: Minimally, your site should have a clear email link and a phone number. If you have a physical location, consider including the full address as well as a map and directions. If not, do not forget to bind your customers with social media links and an e-mail sign up button. Add links re-directing visitors to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Blog, Pinterest and Instagram feeds of your brand so that they can connect instantly and stay updated at all that you offer.
  3. Visual Identity: As basic as this sound, many business sites use irrelevant graphics, or worse, no graphics at all. Be mindful of how you display images. Think twice before making them spin or shake or do anything else that can be distracting or irritating. Such that in order to gain a brand value now a days is not only a factor of organic one it catches eyes on the social traffic too that’s why lots of companies now starting to regain their social value either by itself or by hiring any social media page designing services that includes both SEO as well as Graphic designing factors.




These three basic elements of a landing page will not only increase user-time on your site, they’d also reduce bounce rate and form gateways for continued interaction. At Xtreem Solution, we pay attention to minute details like these to reap maximum benefits for your online presence.

One thought on “3 vitals for a Home Page

  1. Shirley
    October 18, 2016

    Yeah that's what I'm talking about bai-cynb-e work!

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