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5 Effective Ways to Save Your Neck from the Blockchain Application Development Problems

5 Effective Ways to Save Your Neck from the Blockchain Application Development Problems

We live in an epoch of innovations and advancement. One such up-to-the-minute invention is Bitcoins, a blockchain crypto currency. This first decentralized currency has changed the face of investments. Owing to its mechanism and system to operate, it is fascinating more and masses since its launch.

So, the question here is:

What is this rage, Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology, make available a huge sum of data to be stored across a network of computers around the globe instead of using a single local server. In plain words, it is making world closer than before.

Predictions are made for a bright future of blockchain technologies. We are living in a digital where everything starting from fitness to business in over our mobile or computer’s screen. Thus, the need of the hours is Blockchain Application which will give you an access to the world of business right at the comfort of your living room. By means of these blockchain applications, tedious tasks such as making transactions, paying bank installments and doing investments are as easy as clapping.

You must be thinking, Is it really so easy to build a blockchain application?

Well, the answer is yes, only if is done by an expert’s hand. Call for the professional assistance of only top mobile development companies in India. Since the boom of smartphones and trend to make an application for each and every purpose, many mobile application companies have mushroomed at nook and corner. Is every company proficient enough to develop a user-friendly mobile application?

Certainly not!

Only those who take skilled professionals on board can accomplish the task efficiently. The process of mobile application development is not as easy as swiping over the screen. It demands much of developer’s heart and soul and n extensive testing. Furthermore, the process becomes more arduous when it comes to blockchain application.

Main Obstacles in Building BlockChain Application

In the painstaking process of developing a trusted and reliable blockchain app, there are numerous hurdles that come in the way of success. Some of them are stated below:
• Maintaining the privacy of the user
• Offering a secure payment gateway
• Secured sharing of the contracts and database
• Embedding user-friendly features
• Building a binding app

5 Ways to overcome Blockchain Development Issues

Wondering if a developer can overcome these hurdles while developing a blockchain application?

Of course, yes. Here is how:

1. Build the app from a users’ perspective

It is found that many blockchain applications lose their significance when it comes to users’ experience. Put the blame on some not-so-obvious or useful features such as embed wallet, backup or restore the data using the 12 random words scheme, QR code rendering and so on.
These entire futile features make the applications not only complicate the navigation in the application but also makes the user confused about the viability of the application. Blockchain technology is not a household name. Though it is gaining momentum slowly and steadily, still it has to go a long way to make a swift entry in everyone’s life. It can only happen if the blockchain application appeals the users as much as the apple pie.

2. Use the right browser or platform while building the developing

As blockchain technology is still in its infancy, the blockchain application users are not skilled experts. They are novices who are trying to decode this latest child of Mother Technology. Many blockchain applications such as Ethereum, which was developed by using Mist, a dapp browser, failed to operate in some circumstances. For instance, it demands a user to copy/paste JSON straight away to your UI.
It might sound an easy task for a developer, but it takes tones of effort when done by a layman user. An application can only be successful if its users are able to use with less or no hassle. The possible solution for this issue could be using the right and user-friendly browser or platform while developing.

3. Managing the fees

Not everything comes free, so is blockchain platform. You have to pay for it for every transaction. This fee and transaction features add tones of complexity to what would be otherwise a simple job. One can simplify it by eliminating the crypto-currency concept while developing the application.
Look at the example of Corda, a platform to develop circulated ledger way out that are interoperable. It shuns the use of crypto-currency thus there is no transaction fees. Owing to the ease to operate and no transaction fees, this platform made entry into the system of tech giants such as Microsoft and Intel.
Furthermore, more than 100 banks across the world are using Corda Platform. Well, now you know that the key to success is the ease and simplicity. Plus, if you take the assistance of Affordable Web Designing and Development Company, it is cheery on the cake.

4. Do numerous spells of testing

A work-of-art doesn’t take shape overnight. Numerous re-touch and re-works are required to gain the perfection. Simultaneously, a user-friendly application demands numerous testing before actual launching.
It is found that too many people ignored its significance and Vitalik Buterin, the mastermind behind Ethereum is amongst them. He admitted that Ethereum is a victim of buggy contracts. It can be resolved by implementing a DSL-like API, tools which make writing contracts units tests an effortless task.

5. Open to learning even after building one

The world of technology and innovation is always revolving. There is no halt even for a single minute. Odds are high for existing blockchain systems to formulate their own dialect and bytecode sets for articulate smart contracts. So, learning new toolchain is the key to survive in this situation.

There is no denying in the fact the blockchain is changing the face of the world. Thus, building a user-friendly and viable blockchain application is of the essence. As we have already discussed the hurdles in developing one such application is a tedious task.

Better would be to hire Top Mobile App Development Company in India which can actually develop a one-of-its kind application. Apart from the quality work, these companies are also considered and most affordable web design and development companies. Need assistance? Ask Xtreem Solution today.


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