7 latest trends for Mobile App Development in the year 2017

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“Having an awesome idea, but lacking in technology” is no more a trouble for anyone. With the demand for mobile apps and emerging technologies, the mobile application development companies are also increasing. The stumbling block is choosing the right company for your website and application. With this mobile-first world, there is an entail for a mobile app making company which can provide cutting edge techniques promising significant changes. Here are the mobile application development trends which an enterprise should provide:

1. Accessible from everywhere:

You don’t have a clue that when a user is going to operate an app from the same device or change the device. Then there is an exigency to have a mobile application with “Cloud Technology”. This technology is the improved version for app development as with the change in the mobile device, there is no hindrance in data accessibility. Also, synchronizing mobile applications with cloud computing will make app fast, easy deployment and economical.
Accessible from everywhere

2. Security Prerequisite:

With the advancement of technology, security concerns are increasing on a huge scale because of unintended data leakage, broken cryptography and much more. Developers required to focus on cyber security and security within mobile apps too.
Security Prerequisite

3. Best look and feel:

The user experience should be good so that customers don’t find difficulty in navigating your pages. The mobile applications have to be more intuitive and content specific as per the user demands. This will provide high conversion rates attracting numerous users. In simpler words, one can say if you surpass your own expectations in terms of experience than the developed app will definitely be a success.
Best look and feel

4. Gadget-friendly:

The dependency of gadgets is surging with the technology refurbishments. The new technologies are dependent on numerous mobiles and it is the time to focus on the Internet of things. This will allow the users to have a more personalized experience in various devices. The development company must make sure that data is communicable and shared betwixt various devices.

5. Friendly eCommerce Solutions:

This is the era of online shopping, therefore, popularity of Apple pay and Google wallet is growing which facilitates customers to pay through mobile phones via debit or credit cards. The developers must make sure that the Mobile payments and m-commerce are working properly for a better user experience.

6. Sensing of location and motions:

Almost all smartphones have location sensing capabilities and it can be used for providing your current location information. This is helpful for various applications as the user need not to enter the location manually. Similarly, motion-sensing apps are very much beneficent in health, fitness, security and gaming apps.

7. Allowing marketing in-apps:

It is easy for enterprises to market their own product and services through mobile applications. The developers must make sure that the user experience is not at hampered because of these advertisements. This keeps the user engaged, but at the same time, they must not feel irritated because of this issue.
These are the 7 trends in mobile app development, especially for this year 2017. All the developers must take care of above-mentioned points while making any application and the clients should check the above points as a prerequisite before launching any mobile app. For the best application, you can contact Xtreem Solution and have potential customers at one go.

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