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7 Ways to Improve Your Mobile App Design Right Now

7 Ways to Improve Your Mobile App Design Right Now

Mobile app development is now at the center stage in the business environment. More and more businesses are coming with their mobile apps for attracting the users. Amidst the so many competitive mobile apps, you need to put your best foot forward. Thus, implementing the best practices for developing your mobile app is much-needed. Here are some of the ways that can be tried for improving the mobile app design:

  1. Make the app interactive: One of the best ways that can improve the design of the mobile app is responsiveness or interaction. Don’t limit the lesser screen size of the smartphone compromise on the interactive part of your app. Think about the users who will be using your app for some specific need and try to give them the best interactive session. While making the app responsive keep the following things in mind:
  • Make the design goal-driven
  • Ease the usability
  • Reducing the effort for learnability
  • Minimize the response time
  • Take constant feedback

These 5 points are the basic necessity when focusing on delivering an interactive app to your users.

  1. Understand your audience: While designing your app, it is always better to keep a particular set of audience in mind. For example, if you are designing an app whose majority users will be students, then keep your design around their needs. It is one of the basic necessities to keep your users and their needs in mind while you are designing your mobile app.

It is the users who will be ultimately using your app. If your app is not as per their expectations and if it doesn’t fulfill their needs, then the app will be completely rejected. Understand the persona and user- scenarios for being the best in designing your mobile app.

  1. Decide the color combination: Most of the app developers don’t focus on the color theme of their app. They just put some of the colors together as a color combination of their app. However, the present times have changed. It has become very important to choose the best color combination when designing the app. Offer a simple, decent yet attractive color schemes to your users.


Colors play an important role in enhancing the user engagement of your app. Users generally prefers apps with clean and clear colors and interfaces. You can also change the color theme of your app after some time for refreshing its outlook and thus attracting the people. According to the experts in the industry, avoid using too bright and shiny colors while designing your app.

  1. Test your app: Testing your app against the user’s feedback and the response is one industry standard method that is the most trusted by the app developers. For improving the app design or developing a new one, consider testing of the app with the user’s feedback. It is advisable to test your app in the early stages of development for reducing major errors in the final outcome. Moreover, it saves the cost of development and also the efforts of the developers while designing the app.

Try and test your app majorly amongst the audience base for which it has been designed. This will help in getting a clear idea about the design and functionalities of the app. Consider all the aspects of the app designing when focusing on testing the app with the users.

  1. Keep searching market trends: When focusing on improving your mobile app design, always remember to keep an eye on the market trends. There are new trends evolving every day in the market. Therefore, it is important for analyzing these trends when focusing on developing the app design. Try different looks and trends for changing the outlook of your app. App developers can also take help from the emerging technologies like AI, dynamic elements, etc. for giving their app a different style.

Keeping the new trends in mind can provide the needed positive help for the app to reach new users and market. The new trends can also help the app developers for coming up with some of their own unique ideas while developing their app.

  1. Focus on visual quotient: Keep the basic fact in mind that the main aim of designing the app is to attract a number of users. Therefore, the app developers should focus on enhancing the visual parts of their app for catching a lot of attention from the users. Improve your app design by incorporating some innovative visual elements in it.

Here are some of the common tips which can be used for enhancing the visual quotient of your app:

  • Make more use of unique images
  • Include some videos regarding your app’s usage
  • Use different textures and composition tricks
  • Try some visual art and variety of colors

  1. Don’t forget accessibility: Accessibility is one of the most important features of app designing. If your app cannot be easily accessed by the users, there is no point in adding many designing features in that. Rather than adding a lot of features in designing, focus on making it easily accessible to all types of users.

While designing the app or when focusing on improving the design of the app, keep in mind that your app will be accessed by different users. Different users have different ways of using the app and thus, you need to incorporate all the major type of accessibility usage for your app. Here are some of the tips for assuring maximum accessibility of your app:

  • Choose finger-friendly design
  • Choose normal size of buttons
  • Keep the touch smooth
  • Provide enough space to the users for screen tap


It is not that difficult to come up with such a mobile app design that can attract the users. All you need to do is keep the following ways in mind and deliver consistent updates to your users. Implementing these simple ways for improving the mobile app design will result in higher user-engagement along with reaching to more number of people. You are always capable of improving your present situation, just make sure you are doing it correctly.


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