Healthcare Apps – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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“Ever since the first smartphone was introduced in the market and developers started creating apps for it, healthcare has remained a popular choice for them. Today, we have millions of healthcare apps promising to give better health, better fitness and even curing cancer. But do they really help us or they do just misguide us? Let’s find out.”
Has it ever happened to you when you were searching any article for “Cancer” or “How to get 6 pack abs” and suddenly you found an app giving you the ultimate solution for your queries? I am sure this might have happened to you. And more than often you end up downloading one such app. Then, you read everything related to the app, follow everything it asks you to do, and then uninstall the app within a few days.
This is just because we have more healthcare apps than we actually need. Virtually, we have a health app for everything related to our well-being, following proper diet regime, staying fit and fighting severe diseases. But most of these apps hardly provide any value because they contain what we already know. And this is the reason why people are gradually losing interest from such applications.
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By June 2016, Apple’s App store contains 8.66% lifestyle apps and 1.98% medical apps, which means, more than 10% of the apps belong to healthcare industry. Similarly, Google Play contains 8.11% lifestyle apps and 3.40% apps based upon health & fitness. When translated into numbers, these figures reach the million mark. Most of the apps contain nothing special but the simple instructions of staying fit, which we already know. So is there anything special that these apps bring in our life? Looks like no.
But still we love these apps because they are related to the most important aspect of our life – our health.

Healthcare Apps – Why We Love Them?

Reason is simple – we love staying fit and healthy. It feels great to have a pocket-guide who keeps telling us about best eating habits, motivate us to do more pushups and tell us the benefits of exercising. It is like a friend who is more careful for our wellbeing than anything else in the world. And most importantly, we do not have to pay anything to get this advice. So even an advice which is completely useless for us, when got free, it’s good to have it.

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Healthcare Apps – Why We Hate Them?

Derived from the common human nature, we like advises from only those who know more than us. If someone keeps telling us all those things that we already know, it delivers no value. This is somewhere the negative factor which these healthcare apps. Most of the apps are created without any research and they carry simple information – wakeup early, do jogging, join a gym, eat properly and sleep early. Our elders have been saying these words since ages, so there is no use of wasting a few megabytes of phone memory on something which is useless.

Healthcare Apps – Should We Have Them?

On my personal note, we should. First, habits are easily built when we see something frequently and these apps may help do this. Second, these apps do not only serve you some advices which you might know already, but they keep your fitness data stored on clouds and allow you to keep track of your routines. Third, there might be a huge percentage of apps that are useless, but there are some good apps which are really effective in maintaining your wellbeing. And if you have one such app installed in your smartphone, you will have the best fitness guide for you.

People’s Perspective:

When asked a question, close to 96% of people have accepted that fitness apps have helped them maintaining their regime and improved their wellbeing. So these are also the people who are big supporter of keeping a healthcare app in their smartphones. You should not go against such a huge mass, apparently.

The Business Angle:


Any organization or business operating in healthcare industry finds it suitable to reach their perspective clients through a fitness app. On the other hand, customers find it easy to navigate the information they want, simply by playing with the app. This is a win-win situation for everyone. Apparently, every organization should go for an application specifically designed for their valued customers.

We Bridge the Gaps:

Xtreem Solution is a pioneer app development company in India specializing in Mobile Apps for Healthcare Industry. We have developed dozens of applications for health and fitness in Our Portfolio, and have sound track record. We do follow your recommendations and we do proper research to make the app stand out. We promise your app would be one of those that delivers great value and find a permanent place in your user’s smartphones.
Want to serve the society and want to serve your users, ask us to create an app for you. Contact Us now or Request for a Quote. We would be more than happy to assist you.

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  1. Neveah
    October 18, 2016

    Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or inncehreot. Not this!

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