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Our Latest Product Deployment:  A Shipping Solution, Ready to Sail-across with Pride

Our Latest Product Deployment: A Shipping Solution, Ready to Sail-across with Pride

It’s been years in web and mobile development niche and we could never get bored of it.

Do you know why?

It’s because, our business developers are excellent in bringing the most interesting and challenging projects, to keep us busy and passionate about what we do. From idea validation to research and wireframe generation, we do everything which is required to form a solid base for the technology implementation and solution creation. If you don’t know us, here is the brief:

Xtreem Solution is the best website development, web app development and mobile app development agency, you could hire in the recent times. You can go to our website  and find out if we do what you need. Though, we do everything when it comes to web development and design. To make it sure, you can check out the recent review Xtreem has received on Clutch.co.

Overview of Project: A Comprehensive Shipping Management Solution

Client’s company wanted us to come up with an easy-to-use and flawless online trading system, which could reduce the complexities of the process. They wanted to make a fully-featured tool, able to accomplish the invoicing, billing, payments, workflow tracking, keeping the record of outstanding charges and penalties, etc.

Currently, we have almost completed the project and it’s doing completely well at the beta and gamma testing phases. To confirm this, the client also confirmed that the solution is market-ready now, and is better than what the expectations were.

Technologies Involved

This online trading system for a shipping management company wasn’t as easy-to-do task as we made it. Xtreem had discussed and understood the business before jumping to the development phase. We have used the best full-stack methodologies, PHP and Bootstrap as the tech stack.

Xtreem has also integrated the robust SMS and payment gateways to convey the delivery status and payment reports to the solution’s end-users. Twilio has been used as the SMS server and MySQL, as the database server for this project.

How We Delivered the Best Results?

At the initial stage, we discussed the requirements and what’s needed. It went for more than a month, because the client wanted a really large system and we never compromise with the products we deliver to the market. It goes just as our client comprehended, “They care about delivering a product that’s going to work.”

After a thorough understanding, multiple rounds of mockups, hours of calls, days of coding and efforts of our cool developers and designers, the product is now almost ready to make its mark. We have also put a lot of efforts in database designing, performance optimisation, front-end interface designing and storage capacity management to build this comprehensive solution from the ground.

Read Complete Review : “They care about delivering a product that’s going to work.”

Points, where we impressed client the most!

As always, we never leave our clients unimpressed. There were a few things, which client liked about us the most. Here is a quick listing of those compelling qualities of Xtreem Solution:

  • Project Management and Comprehending Skills
  • Iterations and Dedication
  • Timeliness
  • Quality of Service
  • Technological Knowledge of our developers and Business Analysts
  • Ability to Think in the term of end-users
  • Uniqueness of deployments
  • Communication
  • Understanding of technologies and their appropriateness for a requirement

The client is now expecting the project to be available for the external users within a week and is very much sure about the success; so do we. The final solution has come out to be extremely responsive and intuitive, being able to do everything smoothly as we expected and the client wanted. After all, our developers know how to deliver a solution to rock the market.

If you are willing to get a business or public solution developed by our reliable and experienced developers, talk to us today. We have more than 8 years of experience in the industry as a company, and more than that as individuals. Our strategists are excellent in planning and getting your project developed from the very initial point by involving the best and certified coders to make it a big success. Leave a little detail about the required project and we’ll come up with the most-fitting solutions, overwhelming you for sure.


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