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Why Magento is the Best CMS for your e-Commerce Website or Portal?

Why Magento is the Best CMS for your e-Commerce Website or Portal?

With the entry of Magento into the digital market of online businesses and online stores, it completely transformed the system of e-commerce. In a very short period of time, Magento became one of the most popular preferences for almost every web designer and developers and because of this, it received all the attention of big brands.

Magento gives some of the finest touches to the e-commerce website and helps the company to perfectly showcase their products on the website, provides effective customer support and smoothly runs all the backend tasks. Though, it requires a good knowledge of coding for the website development as it is not a plug and plays platform. Moreover, with the release of the Magento 2 the admin and shopping features are much more elaborate rated now which really makes it more user-friendly than ever.

As it is gaining more trust of the developers for e-commerce web development, more development service providers are happy with benefits this open-source is providing.
Xtreem Solutions are one of those developers who is also using Magento for all the e-commerce solutions. They have a dedicated team of magenta developers who work extremely hard to deliver the best possible service to their customers. However, there are many other leading open-source platform for e-commerce are also available such as ZenCart, OpenCart, OsCommerce, WordPress, etc., but Magento is still considered as much more search engine friendly platform which is available in the market.

There are different versions of Magento:

  1. Magento Enterprise Edition which is a paid version
  2. Magento Community Edition which is a free version
  3. Magento Go which is paid and managed by the magneto’s servers

Amongst all, the Community edition is not only the most popular version which is entirely open-source but also the most power-packed active developing community for the e-commerce currently present on the internet. There are also many companies which use both Magento Enterprises and Magento Community as per the requirements of their clients. Both the versions of Magento offer different sets of features which carries different advantages and disadvantages.

As the title ask, why Magento is good your website? Let’s have a look at the number of reasons:

  1. Best for e-commerce:

Magento was introduced as the open-source platform whereas there are other Content management services such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc., which came forward as the plugins of e-commerce. There are different features that Magento delivers perfectly such as, CMS options, easy to use dashboards, smooth Inventory Management, strong customer service, allows product bundling, next level shipping management services, built-in capabilities of up-selling and cross-selling.

  1. Improved browsing:

Modern Features like magnifying and image, number of images of a product and reviews of the product makes Magento much more user-friendly than any other platform. It basically focuses towards the improved browsing experience for the visitors on a website. The improved browsing enables the websites to be one of the leading names as top e-commerce Development Company in India. Isn’t it something worth to start using Magento for developing your website?

  1. Excellent for SEO

Marketing is one of the most important factors for any business. And thus, it is important to develop an SEO friendly website. Keeping this in mind Magento is designed in such a way that it offers SEO optimized URLs, meta-description, meta tags, sitemaps, etc. Magento also works to reduce the time required for the operational processes and makes sure that the website is still an SEO friendly. It also helps in enabling regulation of the URL in Magento SEO.

  1. Allows to choose hosting service:

Magenta gives the liberty to choose which hosting service a developer wants. This reduces the expenses and makes sure that it can exchange the hosting services if it encounters any issues with the current service. This demands to hire Magento developers India so that the well-trained Magento professionals can encourage the development of such websites that can host the needed services as per the requirements and needs of the user.

  1. Easy to merge with the third party apps:

In this competitive business environment it is very essential for the business to connect with the more influential parties so as to enhance their visibility and grow their business in comparison to their business competitors.

Magento allows the websites to merge with the third party apps in the easiest way possible. It is under the control of the services provider if they want to merge any third party app on the e-commerce platforms. Third party apps can be merged once it is allowed by the service provider. On the other hand, Magento allows to simply connecting any plugins. So it is easy to find any app of choice and attach it to the e-commerce website of Magento.

  1. A backend support system

Magento also allows to flawlessly running multiple websites at the same joint which is supported by its backend system. Different websites contain different web layouts and designs which can be controlled and managed by the single panel of admin. These features give an extra edge to the e-commerce websites which shuffles the number of categories.

  1. Hassle-free ordering options:

To get the best possible return on investment, it is important to provide a flawlessly fast and easy ordering experience to the users. With the ease of Magento website development, the website gets all the permissions to generate, edit, view or fulfill different orders as an admin. By the help of content management services, many things are easy to access such as mailing addresses and multiple invoices. Past transactions of the users can also be easily tracked.

  1. Numerous themes

If you want to have a distinguished image and presence in the market, then you need to have a particular distinguished designing for your website. This can be easily achieved if the website designing is done with the various available themes of Magento. Magento gives you the privilege to choose from the number of different themes to customize the designs and edit templates as per the choice of editor and allows giving an appealing looks to the website.

  1. Handling multiple stores:

The biggest feature of Magento is that it allows connecting with more than one store from the same admin panel. Either it is one store which is in the use or more than one store, it is just a single click solution that can make it look very simple to handle. With Magento, different domain names along with the different IP addresses and security certificates can be easily used, making the entire process of website development very easy and convenient.

  1. Super-fast

These days when the latest technologies are improving the lifestyle of everyone, web users also expect to have a fast experience on the internet while surfing their favorite websites. If you are not fast enough, you will soon be replaced by someone better. Here also Magento does absolutely a great job to quickly load the different pages and allow the users to complete the task they are doing on the website without getting annoyed with slow process.

  1. Easy checkout

While the process of checkout is going, if the user encounters a long form to be filled for details then it can probably destroy the interest of moving on to the next step, and this can destroy the business. Hence, it is important for the business owner to provide a short and easy way to checkout. Here also Magento gives the choice to choose from different available forms that are easy to be filled and takes lesser time.


Magento with its huge number of functionalities and a great amount of latest features gives the e-commerce store a great finishing touch which can really improve the performance of any e-commerce website.

The different tools of Magento help in solving many issues such as online transactions, products display in a more attractive way, managing the different categories of discounts, and much more. However, it is always really important to keep in mind that the Magento is not a solution for any issue related to plug and play.

Essential most: Magento experts and store optimization experts are required for the correct implementation of the web development skills. Need to hire them? Talk to Xtreem’s Certified Magento Developers right away.


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