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Why Magento is the Best E-commerce Development Choice for Enterprises, Retailers and Developers

Why Magento is the Best E-commerce Development Choice for Enterprises, Retailers and Developers

Magento is an efficient CMS, designed specifically for e-commerce businesses. It is considered the best choice for business owners. The latest version of Magento is 2.1.7 came up currently, which has numerous reasons to excite the sellers.

So Point Number 1 is – If you have the older version, you should update your store to a newer one, in order to meet latest market requirements. Willing to know more about the updated version? Read it in our previous blog, related to Magento eCommerce development and what’s new in 2.x.

Coming back to the relevance of Magento for e-commerce businesses, there are a lot many features and causes which made us predict that you’ve got to Hire Magento Developers India if you thinking to build an online shopping ‘brand’. Here’s what we’ve analysed:

Magento eCommerce development

Magento’s Features – Perfect for Retail & Enterprise e-Commerce Sector:

Magento is exclusively built to help online store owners cope up with the e-commerce web development challenges. Every small-scale business, retailer & enterprise, with no focus on its size, can rely on dedicated Magento developers while starting an e-business. Here are the special and general features, which makes Magento the right pick for your word class shop:

General Features of Magento

Magento Development features

  • Magento Marketing Tool and Multi-Site Management

This tool provides you customized online stores with various fresh themes. Embedded with SEO friendly & user-friendly applications, it helps in complete customized Magento store set up. With the help of this tool, owners can manage various stores through a single admin panel. Enabling you to manage order, shipping, and taxation, this amazing tool is a great help provided to its users in CMS.

  • Customize search engine URL & Meta tags

It is difficult to change/create URL and Meta Data for every Store & product manually. Especially, when the pages are being created dynamically, URL Creation becomes totally unrealistic to handle in Magento websites. So to enhance your sell and save you from difficulties, this exclusively user-friendly CMS lets you customize your search engine URL & meta-tags of every product in one go. And that’s easy to do!

  • Multilingual Capabilities

You may be selling in multiple countries or cities (or might be thinking to expand your business in 2018). If it’s true, then certified developers can help you as Magento supports a variety of languages & currencies. The feature offers you to control your content on landing and inner pages.

  • Catalog Management & Browsing

You can design your catalog as per your need. You can draw a category-based list of rates as per the user role. For example, for retailer, wholesalers and normal buyers, you can have diverse pricing. Through its layered filtering, your store can achieve easy navigation. Criteria like categories, features, price range, brands, and more custom features can be used for easy grouping and search in Magento web.

  • Checkout Feature  

It enables a wide range of functionalities for the payment & shipping process. By hiring the right eCommerce developers, you can set shipping costs, vendor’s cost, taxes, base price, payment methods and good design of the checkout page in Magento. Even a guest visitor can buy products, without being forced to make his account or log in. It results in increased sales. Only the required information related to shipping and contact is to be filled (which means you can always ask that buyer to register later).

  • Order management

With this feature, the admin can view, edit, create and complete the orders. The admin can create multiple invoices, packaging slips, and shipping labels. Create re-orders from admin panel is also possible. You can track every order and manage your shipment. So if we are comparing multiple eCommerce platforms, Magento allows in-detail analysis and easiest tracking of your store.

  • Analytical & Reporting tools

Good and simple ways of sales analytics help you efficiently handle the tax reports, total sales, tags report, your coupon usage report, best-purchased product lists or least viewed product. With such amazing insights, you will surely be able to meet your business growth targets, won’t you?

  • Magento 2 native Apps

Not only web, mobile commerce world can also be influenced perfectly by using Magento platform. Designed with HTML5, Magento 2 native apps are best suitable for m-commerce & native device applications. It supports iPhone, Android and Opera Mini. With so many features, like quick zoom and easy Drag & drop product from cart, shoppers can shop better.

Enterprise-Exclusive Features of Magento Store

  • Customer Segmentation-based promotion

Enterprises can make sagements of customers, on the basis of location or address. Promoting different information, as per segments, is possible through this. You can also check whether your visitor is new or old. Fetching the preferences for the old visitors and rendering the best offers to capture new buyers can, therefore, help you.

  • Dynamic Rule-Based Product Relations

You can manage your product sell rule in an authentic way, to encourage your customer for shopping more. With the use of some conditional tools, you can administer the rules. For large-scale businesses, these rules help in showing better product and cart related suggestions so that shopping beComes quite easy for buyers.

  • Endless Cart Less Session

Using this feature, you can preserve the products in buyer’s cart, even if they are logging in your website from different devices. This way, you can make sure that nobody is missing to buy a product if they are shopping through your website. You can always encourage them to shop more in 2018.

  • Customize automated email Reminders

Remarketing is a great way to attract a potential lead back. Enterprises can send e-mail reminders to the customers, according to his searches or to promote any offer. These emails can be customized according to cart value, product category, buying history and even google searches, to pull the attention of buyers.

  • Customer features, searches, gifts and more.

Gifts can help you promote your buyer to shop more and Magento makes the task hassle-free for you. You can automate the gifting process as per the type of customers. For example: if someone has shopped above a specific limit (say $100k), you can cheer them up them by buying some points, products or anything else. Highly-searched products can be added the ‘demanded product’ list to increase the sale and visibility. Apart from this, custom Magento can be utilised to add whichever capability you want.

  • Reward point

It is not practical to calculate reward point on figures, whenever your buyers purchase a product. So, this feature can be used to update buyers’ total reward points accurately. As many of us love those reward points and buy a lot to collect them, 2018 could be great if you use Magento.

  • Omnipresent Wishlist

You can enable the buyer to create more than one wishlist using this capability of Magento. The final products can be later transferred from one to another list, or to the cart. If a buyer is making his/her wishlist visible publicly, the merchants can use this data to understand the demand of the market. Isn’t it awesome?

  • Add to cart by SKU

Instead of going to product page & looking for available quantity of product, you can directly add the information to your cart. It is very useful in B2B processes, because the client can place orders for a big quantity at a single time. So, your store can manage shipping methods easily.

  • Return management authorization(RMA)

Magento 2 is inbuilt with automatic return management authorization feature. It facilitates quick coordination between the customer and seller. Through this, you automatically understand about returning products, the reason, whether it is single or in bulk, etc.

  • Rich content management system

Magento 2 supports WYSIWYG editor, with which you can create different versions of pages, display menus or any type of contents using visual editing.

  • Detailed administrator Panel

Magento eCommerce development will be preferred by administrators in 2018 because it makes the store administration very easily. The intuitive back-end of this CMS makes it highly admin-friendly, even for your non-technical staff.

Tips for the Store Owners when you Hire Magento Developers India:

Hire Magento Certified Developers

Looks like, you are already convinced on why to Choose Magento for your store’s design and development purposes. But keep in mind that hiring a developer, who has passed the Magento certification exams, is also important.

Here are the questions and answers, which you might like to know before investing a huge sum of money:

  1. Be clear with your ideas

Before starting your project, you should be very clear in your mind with your needs. A step by step implementation plan or a perfect wireframe can significantly help you in visualizing a sketch of your online store. Ask the hired team to show an implementable plan before getting started.

  1. Short term Vs.long term projects

Sometimes, a company want to work with developers in long-term and sometimes, the requirements are short-time. Always ask the developer if they can dedicatedly work with you on long-term projects so that the process can be saved from being messed up. You can go with in-house teams or Captive center configuration in case of long-term projects, making sure that your store’s developmental tasks can always be accomplished on time.

  1. Look for expertise

Always hire an experienced and certified Magento developer, who can prove you unique among billions of online store. With advanced knowledge and skills, good developers can add value to your store (and trust us, they are rare!).

Some More Tips to Consider before taking Magento eCommerce development Services:

  • Ask about previous projects and check portfolio.
  • Magento e-commerce stores can grow quite big with time. Always prefer hiring the teams.
  • Discuss your project deadline before starting your project, especially if you can in a hurry.
  • Talk about the pricing of the project and check if it’s in your budget or not.
  • Ask your development team if they can provide support after completion of your project.

Just for your acknowledgment, Xtreem Solution has many Magento certified developers in our team to work on your web or mobile-inclined requirements when it comes to Magento. So you can always hire Magento Developers India from your efficient and well-synchronized team to make your store a big success.


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