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3rd Dimension



3rd Dimension

Third Dimension Trust, connect users over the website as a virtual community. Users will be able to view information about the movement over the website. Users will be able to subscribe membership plan by making the online payment over the website. Users will be able to send the request for chapter’s membership to chapter leader over the website. If there is no chapter leader, then the request will be sent to be secretariat. Users will be assigned to chapter according to the street address over the website. If the users come within 25 km radius of chapter leader’s location, then the request for approval to become the member will be sent to chapter leader over the website. After the chapter leader’s approval request, member user can upgrade their membership to full members by making the online payment over the website. Chapter leader designates his full membership user to as a treasurer, registrar, policy analyst, events manager and chapter liaison.


  • Virtual Community.
  • Membership Plan
  • Policy Analyst
  • Event Manager
  • Automate routine tasks and streamline membership management
  • Automate applications
  • Payments and renewals
  • Allow member functions on the website
  • Automate member communication


The Movement offers practical ideas for reforming almost everything: democracy, free markets, economic policy, justice, and even agriculture. But the new paradigm also requires an inner, personal transformation in each person—the drive to attain a higher degree of self-awareness.


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