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Our Promising Work on E-commerce Project Got Admired at Clutch.co

Our Promising Work on E-commerce Project Got Admired at Clutch.co

Completing any task is of prime importance and thereafter comes how it is done. To win the hearts by making unbounded efforts and to meet the desires of every client is what we deal for. The eternal competition in IT forces us to explore deeper in cutting edge of technology. As we know only the fittest survives longer, we, in our endeavor to become fit enough, encounter various tough projects to prove ourselves.

Ecommerce Web Development Review on Clutch

Read Full Review: https://clutch.co/profile/xtreem-solution#review-218877

Xtreem has been doing the best since years, which brought us appreciation previously too. Now, another project, which required us to deliver Ecommerce Development Services, has established us as a well known and reputed solution provider in web and mobile development field.

Previous Appreciation : 5-Star to Xtreem Solution – Perfection Delivered and Appreciation Received!

What the project was all about!

This time, we were working on a project, related to Web Development for Online Stores Shipping Platform. Our team successfully completed the portal and received positive appraisals from the client.

Prior to completion, we were contacted by CEO and founder of a software company, regarding his project for one stop shop shipping platform for online stores. Back then, when we started the project and client was unsure that it will be accomplished. Their reason was legit as their in-house team ran into difficulties while doing the same project. But, ways were to be found and we are the best at finding the right path quickly.

Our well- versed technical team rendered all the promising efforts to put the things right and prove that we are the best Ecommerce Development Company USA. Our client appreciated our efforts and approach towards rendering successful plans. We later countered all best possible way for its accomplishment. When we asked him for any reference he disclosed “I had searched for freelancers through Google, connected with Xtreem Solution via Upwork, and went from there.

Challenges we faced to comprehend and grasp it

This project was aimed at connecting online stores on a single platform, from a multitude of different sales channels and platforms. But the challenge was with connecting the carriers and sales platforms to one dashboard, and syncing all of them together. And with our steadfast approach for cost-effective orientation of the project, we not only completed the project but also astonished the clients with our flawless Ecommerce Development Services. We will accept the fact that the continual acknowledgement from client ultimately enabled us to reach the zenith of fame and success.

How we dealt with issues

Our team of Xtreem Solution gathered and start approaching the aim. We processed by reviewing the original architecture and infrastructure of the site, later we  tried with various programming languages like PHP, MySQL databases, and JavaScript for the front end, as well as the API’s like USPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post which we found relevant enough, and  reviewed its effectiveness, the situation was in hands.

The CEO said, “It was very smooth sailing with them, and their team was very professional and had excellent communication”. My team for this project comprised four or five people who have been working, but other people were also involved who worked for the smaller aspects of the project.

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Our future expectations are to speed up our development

For a general review, we spoke to a lot of potential customers who are using different sales channels and platforms, from improvement strategy and the review were constructive as they liked it. This was an optimistic step which forced us to take divergent complex projects to affirm in the market. Instead of considering pros and cons of any project we try to accomplish in.

We have been in this business for years and now gained enough experience in same field and still look to learn new things as technology is eternal. We are always active to do projects in the best way possible. Want to hire Xtreem Solutions? Do it by Clicking The Link and talking to us.


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