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Want to Develop a Taxi App Like UBER? Here's How Much You Need to Invest!

Want to Develop a Taxi App Like UBER? Here’s How Much You Need to Invest!

Technology has helped us to reach a new level in our lives. It has made all the relevant areas of our lives really convenient. Travelling is the recent addition to the list of things that technology and apps have made easy. In old days, the hassles were at peak when you had to go a new city. But at present, the conveyance applications have made the things easy for you, no matter where you are.

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Are you too are a fan of riding apps like UBER? Do you want to develop a taxi app just like them? If yes, then the main concerning question for the development will be the cost to be invested. The top mobile app development company usually focuses on the invested cost and budget for such apps.

As an experimenter, or an innovator, or an entrepreneur – you may have thought that the taxi market still has to grow a lot. As there are opportunities of growth, any new and innovative business model can expect to succeed in this industry. There are many gaps and inefficiencies yet to be filled.

Developing apps like UBER that offer taxi services is a necessity today. Every now and then, many transportation companies come out with an idea to develop a taxi app that aims at the convenience of the customers. If you too want to develop such an app and want to know about the invested cost, then here is what can help you:

The cost that you need to invest:

If you are planning to make the app by yourself or are planning to hire mobile app developer for the need, the budget of the app is a major concern. Moreover, you need to invest sufficient cost to the app, to make the app better than the existing and upcoming apps.

The cost may vary as per the features that you plan to add in the app. The more features that you plan to add, the more will be the cost of the app. The average cost charged for developing a taxi app enriched with all the desired features lies in between $50k to $80k.

The app offering the basic features requires an investment of a minimum of $50k. If you plan to make the app more advanced by adding more features for the customers then you must be prepared to spend at least around $80K. The price may even go above this range if you want to make your app even better than the others.

Cost of the app depends on a number of factors like –

  • Payment gateways
  • Locations
  • Maps
  • GPS
  • Booking
  • Communication
  • Takeaways

All these factors must be taken into account before planning and setting a budget for the app development. An estimated idea must be taken before calculating the overall budget needed for developing the app.

Other than making the app advanced with the latest technologies, the ease of using the added features should be taken care of. The app and the app’s features should be advanced to beat the competition but should also be easy enough to be used by the users.

Features of the app:

In the technological world, the users are looking nothing less than perfection. Thus, you must load your app with features that can help your app to shine brightly in the crowded app industry. It should have all the necessary and important features that help your app to be ahead of the competition.

Taxi App Features

The ride sharing Android app focuses on connecting the riders with the drivers. It helps in simplifying the process of finding the suitable means of transportation to the people. It also aims at reducing the travel cost of the riders by allowing the sharing a riding facility through the app.

Other than giving benefits to the riders, the app also gives ample of benefits to the drivers as well. Drivers can make extra cash by offering rides to the people to their destination or closer to their destination. Thus, with the riders, even the drivers can take the benefits of the sharing facility with this app.

Apart from offering the regular features of a taxi app, this app has something different to offer to its users. The app offers a unique way to support its offered feature of Parcel delivery. The cab driver clicks a picture of the parcel when picked from the source destination. The cab drivers use the Gio location tag functionality to get to the exact location of the parcel.

Post reaching the desired delivery destination of the parcel, the cab driver again clicks the picture of the receiving party of the parcel. The clicked picture gives assurance to the sender that the parcel has reached the right place. Thus, the sender and receiver both feel satisfied with the offered service.

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How to come up with a Great Taxi App like Uber?

Uber is a success but there is a lot more to be done than what is currently available in the market for the users. Planning to develop a taxi app isn’t possible without having an efficient app development team to execute your thoughts in the form of coding.

So, first hire the right app developers to back you in this endeavor. It is necessary because if the implementation of your application is less robust and highly buggy, the idea will eventually fail. You don’t want that, right?


Developing an app is not an easy task. It requires a proper planning of a number of factors including the invested cost for making the app shine amidst the existing apps. You must pre-plan all the features that you need to add in your app and plan the budget according to those features. It will help you to avoid spending unnecessarily for developing the desired app. Decide the budget wisely and make your app shine.

Plan it now and do not delay in bringing the app to life. Maybe we’ll write about your app the next, who knows 🙂 🙂 

Cheers…! 👍


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