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Why should You Choose Swift Professionals over Objective C?

Why should You Choose Swift Professionals over Objective C?

Being a Mobile App Development Company, one must always be ready to adopt the emerging changes in the world of technology. From time to time, the requirements and needs of the programming languages have changed and they still are. Therefore to satisfy those changing needs to make the necessary modifications in their chosen programming language.

Over the time, the programming languages have been modified. The traditional C language has been replaced by Java, PHP, .Net, etc. Although there are still many companies who are using C as their programming language, most of them have switched to other languages realizing the need of change. Thus they have been hiring many new iOS app developer who can come up with some innovative ideas and ways of doing things by adapting to the new emerging and developing technologies.

One such programming language that has become popular instantly ever since it was introduced to the programmers is Swift programming language. However, there has been a continuous debate over the fact that if Swift programming language is more effective than the evergreen C programming language. Though no one can especially state which one is better out of the two, here we have tried to come up with some reasons to highlight the benefits of Swift language over C.

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Well here are the basic reasons for why you should choose Swift over the traditional use of Objective C:

  1. Requires less code: Swift is becoming the preferred choice of most of the programmers because of the fact that it requires less coding. The less coding part makes the use of Swift more simple and effective in the complexity of coding. The modern time has been picturing Swift as a compact programming language. All these factors make the code of Swift high in performance and benefits by offering the facility for being re-used.On the other hand, objective C does not offer so much of reliabilities to the programmers and thus they have been switching to the better programming language as per their changing needs.
  1. Less prone to errors: The Swift programming language is more secure than the C programming language. Swift language is more stable in terms of its syntax, format, language, compilation, etc. This stability in the language makes it less prone to the possible errors and crashes. It also helps the programmers to avoid the possible mistakes while writing the codes and thereby it improves the quality of the code.
  1. Much faster: For all the programmers who have tried their hands with both C and Swift, there can be no denying that Swift is way much faster than C. Initially Swift was not seen as fast as its competing languages like C or C++ which made many people avoid adopting Swift as their main programming language. But with time and with Apple’s efforts, Swift has managed to overshadow its competitors in terms of speed.
  1. Open source: Swift is open source. Do we require adding anything more to this? Only the programmers will understand the need of having an open source platform for overcoming the complications of coding. Swift code is already more compatible with most of the leading Apple’s platforms like iOS, watchOS, OS X, etc. and efforts have been started for making it more compatible and portable with the various versions of Android. There has been a major achievement in this domain as well which is followed with the complete overcome.
  1. Rapidly improving: There is no denying the fact that C has much more stable syntax than Swift because of the fact that it is being used for so many years. C has been successful in overcoming all of its major faults and issues over the years. Whereas talking about Swift, it is still in the development and improvement phase. But today even the programming industry is looking for some freshness and different ways. Swift even being in the improving stage has been fulfilling this need of the programmer. It won’t be wrong to say that Swift is working hard or improving hard to be the only preferred choice of the programmers.
  1. Secure and easy: If you want to make your presence felt in the app industry, it is important that you begin with developing secure and simple apps for your users. Swift can be the perfect programming language that offers you with this reliability.

Xtreme Solution is one of the reputed name in the industry that has years of experience working with this emerging technology of Swift. Our team of Swift professionals is well-trained to handle all the details and basic fundamentals of the language. We hire swift developer who understands the language in its complete depth so as to deliver you with the needed ease and comfort in the complexities of coding and programming.


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