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Xtreem Solution focuses on developing customized CakePHP solutions that are feature packed. As CakePHP Development Company or experts, we fuel your business growth by digital marketing. Leading your path to stand out of the competitions, we put in best innovation and technology together.

An in-house team of skilled CakePHP Developers makes us capable of delivering very high ROI Web Development Services to serve businesses across multiple domains. Expertise in CakePHP web development services has made us a leading CakePHP web development company. Extensive programming concepts ensure a light code web solution.

CakePHP winner traits

  • Robust Frameworks Cake PHP offers a framework as robust as Ruby on Rails framework. Vouched as among the best open source coding language, CakePHP is loved by over developers to be easily debugged and easy to understand.
  • Rapid turn around CakePHP is very comprehensive and needs minimum coding to make the web solution feature rich. It needs no XML or YAML lines. CakePHP allows the developers to build supreme solutions quickly.
  • Powerful programming language CakePHP resources is object-oriented programming language making it very powerful. Model View Controller and built-in caching, translations, validations and database access help developers built very innovative solutions.

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Hire us for the best Cake PHP Development Services

We are the Customization Experts. Our cake PHP expertise ensures we deliver tailored solutions. Hire expert programmers to get a solution that matches the brand image. Ample Cross-Domain experience makes us capable enough of building perfect solution. Right from industries to enterprises, our solutions have fueled the business growths. To make secure solutions is our prime focus. We promise to deliver security features to the application. Right from input validation, form tampering protection, Cross Site Request Forgery Protection, SQL injection prevention, to cross site scripting, we prevent any data leaks. We promise to be on the road for product designing, modifications, and integration, maintenance and up-gradation services. Capable of integrating third-party modules and tools we ensure to deliver a fully functional solution.
  • CakePHP Web Development services We have a reputation for developing ultimate e-Commerce website and apps. Our innovative skills make the favorite of enterprises.
    • CakePHP Shopping Cart Solutions End to end shopping cart solutions promises seamless shopping for users. We offer most secure payment gateways.
    • CakePHP customized Plugin Development Plugins male the websites and web application feature rich. Our customized Plugin development promises to render uniqueness to the business solutions.
    • CakePHP CMS Development Content Management System is very vital for any web solution now. Our CakePHP CMS development service promises you an easy to maintain the content system.
    • CakePHP Migration Solutions Xtreem solution is migration expert for CakePHP solutions. Your service users will never realize they moved from platforms. All they experience is a, rich platform.
Our extensive CakePHP CMS expertise revolves around Capuchn, Simpleflan, CupCake CMS, and OvenCMS. Capuchn is a solid open source CMS developed on CakePHP system. Comprehensive yet extensive the CMS framework is capable of doing a lot. Rich CMS websites are created on this simple yet robust framework. Simpleflan is another robust and flexible Open source CMS that enables making of fashion websites quite feature packed. Editing, resizing and all can be quickly done on images. Open source CupCake CMS developed on CakePHP system. Although not capable of handling multiple websites, this solution is always lightweight and perfect for admin websites. Module based OvenCMS CMS system is perfect for making feature-rich websites. Experts can harness the potential of OvenCMS to the best.
We offer theme based Web Designs & Integration. Focused on building high engaging websites, we build theme based solutions. Customized and plugin integrated web solutions are very interactive and drive traffic. We promise to upgrade and maintain the solutions for 24 hours. Technical as well as professional support & maintenance services help you serve the users better.
  • We offer development Services that are Innovative and Feature Rich.
  • Quick time to market, Xtreem Solution has rapid development cycles.
  • Our solutions have integrated CRUD for database interaction making the data transfer quick.
  • Easily compatible to use extensions that enhance the behaviors of web solution.
  • Xtreem Cake PHP solutions have Built-in ACL Functionality and Security
  • Email, Cookie, Security, and sessions.
  • Robust MVC approach for architecture & Built-in validation.
Our Cake PHP development services are excellent and follow the Agile methodology to deliver flawless solutions. Creative and innovative designers and developers promise the best web designs and fully functional Web solutions.

Advantages of Cake PHP Development Services

Best CMS Development

Our expertise in web development and designing, along with CMS customization makes us the right choice for every of your digital endeavor.

Come online with us and Grow

Our company is one of the leading companies in the world that helps its clients with digital marketing and web hosting, apart from development and designing.

Best Brains at Work

Our professional team of highly skilled technological experts works the best to bring you online with their creative and innovative ideas.

Cutting-edge Technologies

Custom and CMS-based coding expertise of developers makes us your preferred partner for development of web portals, apps and websites.

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Why CakePHP Development Service?

  • Quick app development
  • Support for caching for strengthening faster performance
  • Works with PHP4 & PHP5
  • No Configuration needed
  • Free Open Source PHP framework
  • CRUD integration for Fast development
  • Fast Execution of AJAX, Forms, paging, RSS as well as other functionalist
  • Code Generation through Bake
  • Ability of Unit Testing
  • SEO Friendly Web app development
  • Data migration
  • Simple Template design and development

Xtreem Solution is a high competent CakePHP Development Company that assists you to build powerful websites and Custom Web apps speedily. Our programmers are updated with the most recent version of this open source framework and have the abilities to set them up in your Web apps without affecting features of the app. You may also hire our dedicated and highly skilled CakePHP Programmers for the project at hourly basis. so if you want to develop Web apps in minimum time and cost then hire CakePHP developer from Xtreem Solution.


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