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Excellence inMobile App Prototyping

We never make the mobile app strategy a lengthy task. With years of expertise, Xtreem Solution leads the niche of mobile App prototyping services offering a robust evaluating stage before moving to real-time application.

Passionate about excellence, we ensure the design phase is extensive but quick enough. Our services provide App prototyping to ensure you are able to give your feedback and help us shape the final Application. Mobile App Prototyping services offers a stage where the designers momentarily stop and asses how they can improvise the user experience and performance of the application.

Experience of year in app prototyping has made us confident enough that the investment we do in development cycles is going to turn 100% fruitful. Xtreem Solution development team has excess to world-glass design tools that accelerate the process and bring out an almost real time application prototype. Our Mobile app prototyping development services building process is highly extensive, right from the sketches to the user interface we prototype every element that will in integrated into the final product.

Right from startups to global level enterprises we are capable of developing a prototype that infuses confidence way before the actual product is launched. High-precision tools, innovative minds and technical expertise ensure that we connect all the dots to build a robust and ideal app for an enterprise business model.

We have on-boarded the most efficient and cost-effective prototyping tools to develop a refined prototype with version control too.

An in-house team of expert prototypers at Xtreem Solution ensure your capital investment turns out to be profitable at very cost-effective rates. High-quality standards and on-time delivers are met as we value both your time and money.

How Xtreem Solution Leads The Market of Web Designers?

We are a contemporary Website Design Company with prime goal of providing exceptional web design services. A website is the strongest tool to grow the business online. Bridging the gap between the target audience and businesses, a website offers an impressive platform where both interact.

Why Does Your Mobile App Strategy Need a Prototype and How We do it?

Way before you hit the market with your mobile application that delivers your business idea, it is critical to know who is you competition, what are they doing and how are they doing. Business ideas do not remain unique for a long time, someone or the other copies them but what can lead you ahead is the way your application interacts and presents the business to the end-user. Prototyping is the best tool to be sure that the application on which you are investing turns out to be a smart investment. Having a prototype in front, you can do an extensive comparison and craft out the uniqueness in the application that make you stand out in cut-throat business world.
In case you are a startup and are looking for funding, the prototyping step can be a game changer for you. At very cost effective packages you can ensure the developed app is robust enough to impress the investor to open the fund gates for you. Even a prototype can help you showcase the idea to the investors and crack a big deal way before your buisnees application hits the market.
This is a super advantage of prototyping. While the idea providers and developers get too busy with getting things done, the App prototyping team brainstorms on each aspect to take out the USP’s and find out any glitches in the idea. Helps enterprises keep a one step ahead always. App development is our core excellence and creating a model closest to your project idea is our design process to present the best always. Customizations and optimal iterations are part of our crafted prototyping process to ensure the enterprises get a clear vision of how the app is going to bring them real time business and help them attain the desired goals.
We are ever ready to brainstorm over your idea and help you without technical expertise to bring out the best mobile prototype followed by a successful mobile App. Focused on developing applications that enhance the user experience, our design process never compromises on the features of the application. Our rapid prototyping services help you use a model to gain access to the actual target audience and the relevant feedback even before the application hits the market. Rapid prototyping is a huge validation step for the application and gives you a scope to make improvements for instant success. Out of prototyping feedbacks you get both qualitative and quantitative feedbacks for the prototype.
A very vital step is recognizing the target audience. We create the personas of the target audience to cover the groups of audience the app is going to target. This goes a long way for you till the mobile application goes to app stores. We customize and optimize the prototype to ensure they fit in the personas and create more engagement once they are launched. After a thorough research into competitor and the target audience likability, it is the time to select the skeleton for the robust application. We have access to simple yet extensive tools to accelerate the wireframe prototyping of the mobile application.
Yes, we do test the prototypes and in some cases we even do a beta prototype release to ensure the App is built up to meet your vision and the target audience. An extensive usability test is done on each element that forms the structure of the robust app we are aspiring to build. Always ready to take the feedback from the end-user and the enterprises, we iterate the prototypes and work on bringing in more value and engagement for the mobile application. We ensure to test all the changes that are incorporated and keep the functionality always intuitive.

Prototyping Solutions for Excellent End Products

Experienced and proficient developers at Xtreem Solution promise to prototype your vision into an App so that you can brainstorm and get the feel of the final products. Compelling prototype developed on world-class tools we keep you ahead of the competition. A fully tested prototype helps us eliminate any delays or loop holes.

  • Axure RP
  • Marvel App


Non Profit Organisation website development: At Reach Out Volunteers we believe you can change the world, one village at a time. Working hand-in-hand with its partner ROV Charity we ensure that all projects are developed by the local community and create long-term sustainable benefit.

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Multi vendor eCommerce Website Development: Drawiz" is a commercial (complex) on the Internet and provides electronic platforms ready for shops to facilitate the process of buying and selling through the Internet

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Food Startup Website Development: Preparing smoothies in advance and freezing them, any time we wanted a delicious, nutrient packed smoothie for a fraction of the price we paid in retail, our dream suddenly became a reality with platform.

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SaaS Application for Healthcare: Daily View is more than just scheduling for your caregivers - it’s the next generation platform to make running your agency easier than ever. So seamless and intuitive, it’ll change the way you view everything.

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  • Client Approval at every step
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Xtreem Solution Development Process

Our development process is carefully curated to guide you from one end to another successfully. At Xtreemsolution we give you number of reasons to choose us, one of them is our intelligently designed process. From Development to Optimisation we work effectively to perfect you enterprise needs.

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