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What if you could double your audience with your iPhone application without further investments?
We Convert iOS App to Android and make this possible for you.

Have you been on an iOS platform with an app for business since long? Moving to Android would be a significant step for your company now. As the best practice, it is advised by industry experts to develop an Android App that is similar to an existing iPhone App. With 80% of the mobile users being on Android platform, it offers your business a considerable scope of growth.

Xtreem Solution dedicated Android development team is capable of handling the task very proficiently. Yes, we admit it is a big step, and that is why our controlled methodology helps enterprises in this move. Moving a flagship app to Android platform seamlessly is a challenging task, but we have accomplished it in the past and are confident of doing it further too. Our conversion methodology revolves around analysis, planning, development and deployment of app porting to make sure we meet the best standards here also.

Xtreem Solution Methodology

    • Analyzing the differencesiOS and Android platforms are two entirely different frameworks. Before building the architecture of Android Apps our expert developers do a thorough analysis of the iOS App architecture to make sure the robustness and security standards are maintained for Android App also.
    • Design and User experienceThe flow of navigation, side menu, colors, typography, themes, and CTA are the critical components of user interface and experience. The in-detail analysis report is provided to android Designers to maintain brand consistency across platforms.
    • Coding and testingExpert Android developers at Xtreem Solution ensure each component is built for Android application as it was present in the iPhone apps. The features and functionality duplication is vital, and we handle it very well.
    • TestingAfter a smooth development, the product is ready to undergo alpha and beta launches to make sure the app is usable and has no flaws. Multi-device, multiple user testing, and comparative testing ensure the App is in good shape.
    • Play Store submissionA thoroughly tested and optimized App is deployed to Play Store with proper description and screenshot guides like the App store.

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Brilliant Android Apps

iOS is a very esteemed platform to have your app on, but Android is massive. With the majority of mobile users being Android users, having an Android App also gives your business a new dimension of growth. Why must you consider converting an existing iPhone App to android? Here is some insight:
  • Expand your market presence – the Android platform has a huge fan following. If you have a fully features App on Android, more conversions are on the way.
  • Extensive features– Converting the app from iOS device to Android device is not just a platform switch but it gives you App a scope of adding more features and functionalities.
  • Increased ROI – Android platform offers the good return on investment with more engagement and app purchases.
  • Reduce development cost and time – Porting from an iOS App to android helps in reducing development time and cost.
Android app development is our core strength, and we focus on developing the excellent application that is converted from an iOS platform. We start with picking up the Android OS versions for which we want the mobile App to support. This decision is taken only after a complete audience analysis. Our experienced developers extensively review the iOS App features and architecture and find out how they can add more useful functionalities to the new App like Push notifications for more engagement and compatibility of App with existing installed Apps. Designing is vital as both the platforms are very diverse. We try our best to keep the design as close as possible. Expert designers make considerations like Icons, Content navigation, Screen Size, typography, buttons, lists and checkbox, radio buttons all. Deciding on a proper framework ensures the new Android App is built quite close to the existing App. iOS apps are developed on Swift language, while Android apps are developed in Java. We have in-house experts in both programming languages making it easy and quick to understand and implement the code components.
We consider every vital element before we start the conversion process. All the standards and best practices are put in place for making sure the Android version App is a better form of existing iPhone App while maintaining the brand consistency.
  • Requirement analysis and planning Identifying the features, functionalities, and workflow of the iOS application is essential. Starting with that, our expert developers note down the bugs and scope of improvement. This step is the base of the entire project.
  • Implementation of Analysis Adapting the iOS functionalities to Android Application is made less time taking with tools and technology that helps us chose and implemented the best tech stack for Android. This stage includes designing and development implementation too.
  • Testing and deployment We hate bugs and make sure that each one is handpicked from the application. After rigorous UAT and regression testing, alpha and beta launches are prepared to let the App interact with real-world users, and our experts are very quick at bug resolutions.
  • Post Launch support Offering an entire package to our clients, we promise to support and maintain the application in Play store too. We are open for any upgrade patches required in future for adding functionalities or fixing OS update gaps. Our developers are capable of working across platforms, understanding the business logic and bringing out best technology solutions for them.
Xtreem Solution has been leading the App development niche since last 8 years. We have delivered several award winding applications to clients. Capable of working out the best solutions technology wise and business wise we always deliver optimized solutions at very cost-effective prices.

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