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Hire Dedicated Developer

Hire Dedicated Developers

Our app and web development company offers a fully-comprehensive set of IT services through the well-sophisticated knowledge we’ve gathered in all these years. Xtreem has employed the expert in WordPress, Magento, Joomla, CMS, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, DJANGO, PHP, MongoDB, Laravel, Yii, and Website Designing to provide you with best services in this domain. To enhance your business prospects, you can take the virtual support from Xtreem Solution.

Becoming a part of your team, we contribute our 100% for the successful delivery of your projects. We change our work schedule as per your convenience. Xtreem understand your needs and thus, provides right solution and resources.

From product-based start-ups to enterprise-grade organizations and the service providers working in the same domain as ours, hire dedicated developers or development teams for all your needs.

Hire Mobile App Developer

Xtreem Solution is a renowned Mobile Development Solution provider with a strong team of top-notch Mobile Developers with 9+ years in operations.

Why Xtreem’s Dedicated Developers are the Best Bet?

Our knowledge of numerous domains, technologies, languages, and CMSs make us the right choice for you. Flexibility in schedule, top-notch quality of work and integrated testing services at every step of the project – Isn’t it all you want?


One developer or a whole team, need for app development or web, IST or EST - Xtreem Solution has proficient resources for all your demands.


With a transparent payment structure in place, our team notifies the client about the estimated cost before we start the real work. Nothing hidden!


We let you communicate with our developers directly, so the project ideas could be discussed with the actual people who are working on it.


Achieving top-notch quality in a fixed time demands extra effort & emergency support sometimes. We understand it, and thus, do it for no extra charges.

Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Developers from Xtreem Solution

  • Quick turn-around time and 100% assurance of quality.
  • In-house-Like-Team without any investment in infrastructure.
  • Freedom from national/international employment laws and mind-boggling hiring process.
  • Get best resources when you need developers for a limited amount of time only.
  • Talented & Experienced developers and designers, hired after multiple tests and working for us for years.
  • Flexible team with favorable environment.
  • Enhanced development/design quality with dedicated developers.
  • Instant availability of developers for direct communication.


Non Profit Organisation website development: At Reach Out Volunteers we believe you can change the world, one village at a time. Working hand-in-hand with its partner ROV Charity we ensure that all projects are developed by the local community and create long-term sustainable benefit.

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Service Master

Ondemand Cleaning application: Our highly professional and trained maids have potential to cope up with all your cleaning demands with the experience and skills they have attained from years of rigorous practice.

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Geolocation app development: An app designed for law enforcement to effectively communicate, coordinate, and transition to operations and incidents via maps. The goal is to supplement existing radio and MDT systems with a more efficient and user-friendly app.

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Tradeinyourlease App

Car Lease app Development: Trade In Your Lease is the first app that allows you to trade in your lease and get Lease Quotes on New Vehicles from your local dealerships

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On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development: Is the new international taxi booking app. Use app as your local taxi or globally when you're away from home. Available for the UK, Ireland and the US! change content based on client location.

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Multi vendor eCommerce Website Development: Drawiz" is a commercial (complex) on the Internet and provides electronic platforms ready for shops to facilitate the process of buying and selling through the Internet

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Food Startup Website Development: Preparing smoothies in advance and freezing them, any time we wanted a delicious, nutrient packed smoothie for a fraction of the price we paid in retail, our dream suddenly became a reality with platform.

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Xtreem Solution Development Process

Our development process is carefully curated to guide you from one end to another successfully. At Xtreemsolution we give you number of reasons to choose us, one of them is our intelligently designed process. From Development to Optimisation we work effectively to perfect you enterprise needs.

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