Fullness is an iPhone based app that was designed to bring fitness fervent souls and available fitness studios over a single platform. The app makes the hunting of need-based and location-driven fitness studio easy than ever with its fast and accurate results.

The in-built navigation automatically detects the location and brings out the best options. The app has details about the fitness trainers and studio in details.

  • Iphone
  • Swift
  • Bootstrap
  • Jquery
  • CodeIgniter


  • Videos of classes.
  • Access any workout Video anytime and anywhere.
  • Pay for the videos you select using Apple Pay and Stripe.
  • Access to trending fitness classes.Apple Pay integration.
  • Attend from top local boutique fitness studios located.
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The objective of the app is to design and develop an iPhone app named as “fulness” to connect users with the fitness studios. Fulness is a fitness app which will provide various services to its users to keep them fit and healthy.


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