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Want to make it big with your startup & small business? Take the perfect first step with Xtreem Solution.

Start-ups tend to be too busy with very important technicalities to establish the business. Xtreem Solution helps promising startups with exclusive build of mobile apps to bring in the engagement and potential footfall. No longer is online presence a necessity of established enterprises. With significant growth in startups every year the market has become very competitive, and every startup must stay ahead in the competition.

We understand as a startup you must be short of both time and money in case you are not funded. That is why we have a dedicated team for startup native app development that promises a rapid development cycle of a useful application at the lowest cost of development. We possess technical as well as domain expertise to handle the development of simple to complex applications. With a robust and likable mobile App, a startup finds a channel to reach out to the clients and market the product and services very precisely. As a matter of fact, without a Mobile App and website, a startup may succumb to the pressure of competition.

Xtreem Solution Expertise as Startup App Development Company

  • Technical Excellence
    Lead by a senior project management team and powered by the extreme potential of expert developers we have the stronghold in PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and more App development platforms. Working on open source solutions turns out our solutions to be very cost effective.
  • Domain Knowledge
    Expertise in developing solutions across multiple vertical for different business domains our expert developers create world-class solutions. Domain expertise drives customization potential as a ratio proportion of features and speed.
  • Extensive Brainstorming
    Lead by the ideas from our business analysts, the design and development team get access to competitive analysis and market analysis. This is our process methodology of creating exceptionally relevant kind of Apps for startups and enterprises.
  • World-class Tools and Technology
    At Xtreem Solution we have access to world-class technology and solution. Developing innovative solutions on cutting edge technology, we surpass the expectations of clients. The excellence in app design and development fuels the growth of enterprises.

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Ultimate Startup Application Development Company

Getting a world-class Application for your small business startup is the best investment you would make in the entire lifecycle.
    • Customer Engagement Xtreem Solution strive to develop Mobile apps that give startups an opportunity to make an astounding presence online. Customers get actual information about your products and services on a handheld device. Push notifications, surveys, and questionnaires promise a higher engagement and interaction with potential clients. The interaction is so vital that it transforms simple relations to potential long life relationship.
    • Product and Service Promotions Extensive market research has proved that customers have a mindset of trusting the startups that have a robust and secure mobile App floating in the market. It gives a very positive feel to the users to trust the startup with any monitory transactions. A scalable App can take your business to the next level. You do not need always to run email campaigns and social media marketing to gain customers. Optimized Application available in Play Store and App store will change the way the audience looks at your company. The iOS and Android apps help to build a brand image for you that is very vital.
    • Return on Investment As a startup, you may be scared of investments. Mobile App is the best ROI driven solution to make your startup an investment solution. It is affordable and makes an astounding impact on target audience.
Even if you already have an online presence with a very impactful website, having a mobile app takes your business to an entirely new level. Stats have proved users tend to shop and search on mobile rather than the desktop. Responsive websites have been known to drive more traffic, and the Mobile Apps create even more engagement.
If you are still thinking about whether you should invest in an application or not, Xtreem solution Prototyping solutions can help you. The best part is you do not need to spend a lot of money. At low cost, the Prototype helps you with
  • Competition status You know your idea is unique, but competition must never be ignored. Prototyping helps startups analyze the most critical aspect of a projects success, knowing what, how and where your competition is will help come up with an end-product that is unique and stands out in the market.
  • Investors bonding Someone, who is going to invest money in your company, needs to be impressed. Prototyping helps startups project the critical points of the project and idea in the best light. A professional prototype puts across revenue models and growth plans to the investor. Showcasing plays a vital role in the investor meeting.
  • Pyramid Base creation When the base of a startup is strong, the growth scales are higher. The startups provide the beta of Apps or website to the client; prototyping ensures you share the best right from the beginning and do not present any information to the client that is obscure.
  • USP recognizer Prototyping calls for a lot of brainstorming and helps find any glitches in the project. Briefly taking you through the actual project journey, prototyping digs deep and finds out the USP’s of the project.
  • Supported Startups We are furnished with the tremendous experience of helping numerous new businesses go on the web, draw in clients and grow. We kick-begin your item advancement activity with our lean-startup approach.
  • Startup Entrepreneurs If your plausible business thought is still in a nutshell because of the absence of subsidizing/fund, we can enable you to carry it into this present reality with the help you to require.
We have begun our voyage as a startup and developed as industry leading programming item improvement organization. Along these lines, we can comprehend your concern and give you the superior direction.
We have worked with different startup organization companies from the phase of conceptualization to arranging and venture execution. With our consultative approach, quality experience, talented assets and deft conveyance process, we can help you to dispatch your startup efficiently. We expertise in the development process of Least Viable Product (MVP). It's trying to discover item showcase fit. We enable you to devise a complete technique based an investigation, research and objectives that furnish us with the approaches to approve your thought, decide item includes and find promoting channels. We Add Value at Every Stage of Your Startup We distinguish approaches to take care of beginning issues and invest energy admirably to find item advertise fit in less time. We furnish new companies with business conference and innovation essential to get their thoughts off the ground. Our outline procedure includes revelation, client research, and business investigation. We make ridicule ups and audit them with you to get an endorsement. Once the plan is settled, we put your item/site in the improvement stage. We assemble a doable framework that shows a capable plan in light of semantic and clean code. We guarantee to test the usefulness of your site in every improvement arrange for bugs obsession. When we find everything acceptable, we set your site prepared for the dispatch. We guarantee to work with you further to advance your site and make it relentless. Business advancement is fundamental to new businesses. With our versatile promoting plans, we help your startup to circulate the web and mobile apps on the web and achieve most extreme focus on the clients. New companies need to react rapidly. We give you essential specialized keys that help to guarantee the smooth running of your site.
Regardless of whether you have enough capacity for building up a superior form of the item or testing the legitimacy of your thought, we can modify our answer for meeting your prerequisites and spending plan. We direct you from shaping an idea to influencing a procedure, web to plan, UX, advancement, programming testing, support, and advertising. We have nearly worked with different new businesses in every domain and helped them inject life into their thoughts and vision. We are a one-stop Solution for all your innovation prerequisites with a team of talented and experienced IT specialists, planners, and engineers. Brands trust our Speedy execution and reliable and Customized Services. Solutions are available at Affordable Cost.
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Way to get connected with gig lovers. Designed with a purpose to provide all-inclusive information about music concerts, genres, and venue of the event, the app is a boon for musicians. It helps you to get the details about any music related association around that to arrange the gig with minimum hassle.

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Medical assistance on the go. This i-phone compatible mobile app is embedding with all the essential medical information around your vicinity. With a focus to provide you with the medical assistant promptly and instantly, the app offers timely solutions for all your medical emergencies.

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Geolocation app development: An app designed for law enforcement to effectively communicate, coordinate, and transition to operations and incidents via maps. The goal is to supplement existing radio and MDT systems with a more efficient and user-friendly app.

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On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development: Is the new international taxi booking app. Use app as your local taxi or globally when you're away from home. Available for the UK, Ireland and the US! change content based on client location.

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Why Choose Xtreem?

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Knowledge-equipped Teams

  • Experienced Managers
  • Certified Developers
  • Creative Designers
  • Innovative thinkers
  • Great collaborators
  • Dedicated Developers
  • Effective and efficient execution
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Perfect Pricing

  • Convenient Pricing
  • Flexible Costing Modules
  • Quality work as you expect
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Super High Return-on-investment
  • Top-notch Solution with cost-effective pricing
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Cutting-edge Solutions

  • Use of best and latest Technologies
  • Robust and Secure Solutions
  • Great Visuals and functionality
  • Optimized Technology Stack for your project
  • Enterprise-grade implementations
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Streamlined Processes

  • Strategized projects
  • Quality in work
  • Timely task completion
  • Client Approval at every step
  • Incorporation of feedback
  • Using modernizing techniques

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