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Xtreem Solution offers the best-in-market mobile and web development services. We are strong believers in business relations that are built based on trust and support. Our team, products and services helps people transform their valuable ideas into a tangible and valuable reality. We share similar visions as you, which is - to achieve a great success by tapping into our conjoint potential and creativity. Our company offers partnerships that will let us engage and collaborate with you on different levels of mutual growth and profits.

To cater your business needs, we have three efficient programs to choose from. We value our partnerships as much as our customers do. Our partnerships are synonyms for synergy and strong communication that bring out the best of both ends by partaking the knowledge we've acquired over the years. We aim to deliver perfection with you by our side!

Ally with Xtreem Solution and Be our Success Partner. Choose Right Partnership Program.

Associate Partnership

Xtreem Solution could be your reliable and experienced business partner, helping you with operation and management of your businesses on your terms. We aim to provide vital advice with capital and management expertise.


  • This partnership can provide you with enough capital to jump-start your business.

  • Through partners' connections, an associate partner can help involve additional business and can share in any potential liability connected with your business.

  • Our partnership will help you avoid any liability that is external to the protection offered.

  • Our partners will help you hold accountability for the designated tasks that you have promised to complete.

  • Our partners will also help brainstorm fresh ideas when required.

  • Our partnership program will encourage you, reinforce ideas and help with different perspectives at every step of the way.



  • You can choose your associate to be an equity partner or a nonequity partner.

  • Special roles of the partner can be assigned for managing your business in your terms.

  • An associate partner can help you think through important decisions.

  • You are an advantage when you define our roles and specific arrangements with us before starting a project.

  • We share your high values, insights, and wisdom when it comes to expanding your business.


Strategic Partnerships

Xtreem Solution provides you with external business relationships that directly support primary business processes, outcomes, and revenues. It aims at creating an organized structure that promotes growth. With an external strategic partnership, you can create a complementary relationship in which both parties reap rewards.


  • Our company will provide your business with recognition and autonomy that is essential for the growth of the business.

  • The company allows the human resources groups to allocate additional resources to the group to allow it secure qualified personnel.

  • A strategic partnership can help you on a geographic coverage to your products into a nationwide or a foreign market.

  • It will help the expansion of the market easier and earn revenue as a result.

  • Our partnerships allow you to pursue your opportunities more quickly, leveraging the resources and knowledge of the other party.



  • Our partners will help you share resources to help your businesses.

  • We provide assistant to your employees with technical and training aspects.

  • We aim to increase the exposure of our partners in the marketplace.

  • We will help you combine forces that can create an astounding marketing effect to increase the exposure of both the entities.

  • Our partnership will provide access to new opportunities and lower barrier to entry.


Referral Partnerships

Xtreem Solution referral partnerships create automated referral partner programs that can get you a consistent flow of high quality leads with automated communication, tracking, and fulfillment.


  • We help in handling your in co-branding your company and act as an extended part of your business, in order to attract more and potential leads.

  • Our partnership increases your overall output without increasing headcount. It happens because we lay extra emphasis on understanding your current and previous performance statistic through our rich analytic. With right and deep insights, we can help you become flawless.

  • We aid our partners by providing content to partners to help them understand their target buyer and how to refer.

  • With us, you can add unique reward rules for your partner entities and link those rules to their referral sources.

  • Our partnerships administer easy and appealing payment options that include ACH and wire transfer.



  • We help to supervise each partners' program while they are getting registered and needs approval to add their management in the process. We will assist you with anything, as you require for getting started.

  • We create a unique portal for each partner so that they can manage their referral sources and view the related referral data.

  • We prove our value to our partners with access to direct ROI.

  • We give our best to understand your business needs with our customized reports and advanced analytics.

  • You and your managers may also invite referrals for us, making this chain stronger and larger.

  • Co-branded or white-labelled referral partner program are available for every managed partner.


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