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10 Tips for Designing an Effective Landing Page

The importance of a well-designed landing page cannot be stressed enough. With mobile sites and responsive designs, it gets all the more important to engage your site-visitor on the landing page, increase interaction and prompt an action. Keeping in mind these 15 simple tips for web designing a landing page, you can easily assure a good time for your visitors and your business –

1. Test your landing page in multiple browsers to ensure that it maintains its professionalism.

2. Get rid of the main navigation you would typically find on your website.

3. Simplify your design to reduce distractions and place the focus on the specific offer, product, or service that you are selling.

4. Don’t supersize your logo, connect for logo design services for your brand. Your landing page is about your offer, not your company

5. Use fewer images, but be selective. Choose images that make a convincing point

6. Bold ‘keywords’ in sentences for people who skim through text.

7. Repeat your call to action throughout your page if it requires scrolling so always provide a next step for the visitor.

8.  Avoid “false bottoms”, or design elements that make it look like a user has reached the bottom of a page. Break up those elements with an image or a title so as to indicate continued content below the fold.

9. Keep elements that are critical to conversions in the upper 300 pixels of the page. Most users will not scroll past the fold.

10. Place most important messages closer to middle of page, secondary information in sidebars.

11. Make your web form easy to complete. If possible, place the cursor into the first field, allow for tabbing from field to field, avoid  dropdowns – only use radio buttons, and – whenever possible – auto-populate fields.

12. If there is ancillary information that may take up a lot of space and should only be shown to those who really want to see, use either on-hover info bubbles or daughter windows.

13. Super-size buttons and use color to make your call to action stand out. You do want people clicking on them, right?

14. Use ample white space between content to encourage reading. Make your page load fast.

15. Use the same colors, fonts, and styles in your landing page as you did in your ad.

For a detailed insight in to the design and functionality of your landing page, contact our web designing experts at Xtreem Solution, who can guide and fine-tune it for best conversion rates.

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