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Web Design 101: What you need to know about Responsive Web Designs

Trends in Web Designing come and go by like a tornado. Responsive Web Design, however, seems to be a trend that will soon become an industry standard.

Responsive web design is the concept of developing a website design to help the layout change according to the user’s computer screen resolution. It affects layout (including menus), image/video size, and now even the amount of text you can view on a page as the browser size is reduced. The resultant sites keep the most important elements on screen and prioritized, no matter the browser size and orientation. Three most essential elements of a responsive web design are:

  • Fluid Layouts
  • Flexible Images
  • Media Queries

As a business owner and as a web expert, we need to understand the value of Responsive Web Designs from a design, development and marketing point of view Like the same which are now a days considered as the most essential part on mostly all of the web designing services and their domain part like as the Recent advancement in web designing such as CakePhp development services , Codeigniter  Development services  Etc . Before employing or adopting a responsive design there are several key components that need to be understood:

  • Design Process
  • Development Considerations
  • SEO Impact

Design Process

Website design Services is a complicated process. Adding a responsive element makes that an even more complicated process. When a site is designed to be responsive; it requires two additional designs: one for tablet size resolution and another for mobile devices.

Each of these layouts requires a re-prioritization of the content that is displayed on the screen based on the sites established goals as the browser size changes. An ecommerce website design with a large complicated navigation menu that is essential for user experience will need to be reconsidered for mobile display.

The fact that your design will be scaled down into a mobile version must always be kept in mind as you are working; including the impact this size change will have on fonts, calls to action, menus, navigation, forms, and other essential site elements.

Development Considerations

There are a variety of ways Responsive Design can be applied to a websites layout, implying that there are also a variety of development methods to be used. Each application of responsive requires different development processes and approaches. The code used alters the layout of one site to fit the dimensions of three different devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile). Developers need to move away from pixel specific dimensions in layout and adopt and embrace using percentage values in front end CSS files. Each project have its own development hurdles that need to be clearly defined at the outset.

 SEO Impact

Search Engine Optimization is a huge part of what makes for a successful website. It is not worth building a website that cannot be found through an Internet search. This means that SEO objectives must be kept in line with design and development of Responsive sites. Luckily Responsive design lends itself to good SEO, if done correctly. Having all browsers access one site in different layouts instead of three different sites is better from an SEO perspective. Developing multiple sites can dilute SEO performance because the three of them compete against each other for traffic. So, why not send all users on any device to the same site? This removes the need for re-directs and allows mobile site users to share links that rank easily via social media outlets.

Responsive Design creates more engaging user experiences, benefits SEO, and eliminates the need for multiple site versions for each platform or device. There are myriad factors to keep in mind before moving ahead with a Responsive Web Design. Our experts at Xtreem Solution have worked on multiple Responsive Web Design projects to understand their minute intricacies. We employ our expertise to help you with best solution for your digital ventures. Contact us for further assistance.

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