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How much does it cost to hire an Android app developer?

In the midst of mobile revolution there has been a pattern of smartphone users that have crucial implications to the businesses. Mobile has overtaken the personal computer as the major medium of access to the internet.

Mobile apps now allow user to go ahead beyond the interaction of the customers and sales. Apps are now playing a key role in meeting the goals of the businesses as they help in communication as well as coordination while on the go. Android has taken up the majority of the mobile app market. It has become the most preferred OS when it comes to mobile app development.

In case wish to develop an Android app for your business, the very first step that you need to take is hire Android app developer. You will require to have a budget in mind as you plan to develop an app. So, the basic question comes into the mind is that how much does it actually cost to hire an Android app developer? This would certainly depend on variety of factors which we are addressing below:

1. The Required Business Goals to Achieve

The goals of the business is actually determine the simplicity or the complexity of the mobile app of your company. The problems that a particular app of your business will help as well as the value it add to the company would also determine the features and capabilities which are required. The more the features of the apps are, the most is the cost.

2. Integrations of App in the Business

Another key factor which determine the development cost of mobile app is the extent of requirement of integration. A stand-alone app generally works in the isolation. But, you may require server-side integration so that the app can easily communicate with a particular database where the essential data is stored as well as shared. You might also require the integration of app with various backend applications like Accounting, CRM or ERP system.

3. Maintenance and Security Aspect

An Android developer is essentially a partner even after the delivery of the app solution. He must provide support through the entire lifecycle of the app. One has to considers the cost of keeping the developer on payroll in case there are some issues that are required to be resolved or any update is required. However, one should also consider the cost of losing essential sensitive data. When you are calculating the cost of hiring Android app developers, consider this particular risk. A good app development company follows the standards of the industry to ensure confidentiality, security as well as privacy of the end user data.


4. Quality of the Business Brand

The quality of the brand building that your business require will define the visuals as well as the entire user experience. It involves the UX and UI related costs which add to the budget that is required to develop an app.

5. User Types of the App

One has to consider different types of users of the app. There can be various categories of the end users with each one having different permissions or roles. For example, an employee may require permission to view his own data while the manager might have the ability to see the data of everyone and then generate reports. In case of a senior manager, he might have the ability to assign various permissions to different members of the team. So, an Android developer needs to take care of the types of user into account when developing the app. These special permissions and roles play a key role in costing of the app.

6. The Experience and Expertise of the Android app developer

The experience as well as the expertise of the Android app developer that you are going to hire will affect the cost of hiring him. Most of the companies don’t consider the entire cost implication when it comes to making the decision. A more experienced Android app developer would be quite able to guide the company through the generation of ideas as well as avoiding common errors which a company might make in its mobile strategy. He would also complete the entire process of Android app development in stipulated time so that the company can start reaping the benefits of the app. It is essential to measure this particular trade-off. Any type of delay in implementation of the mobile app can essentially means lost of sales or postponement of productivity gains.

Also, expert Android app developer will be able to provide the best user experience. The app’s success is dependent on the ease of user interaction. It is better to hire Android app developer who consider your inputs regarding the front end. He will be able to ensure the optimum scalability as well as flexibility of the solution.


The cost of to hire a good Android app developer is dependent on these important aspects. A good Android app developer may charge you between $15 and $50 per hour. However, the cost may vary with the features and functionalities of the app along with its complexity. It can go as far as $100 to $150 per hour for much more complex apps.

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