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Why Build Real-world React JS Apps and Deploy on Cloud?

author Written by Vikash Jangid on Jan 11, 2017 1137

Entire App development world is going after React.JS, but the real question is – are you following the crowd blindly or you really know the potential of React? If you are trying to build an App on React.JS this article is going to uncover some really strong side of the same.
As an open source JavaScript library, React JS became the developer’s first choice for building single page applications. This article is going to cast a spell on you and by the end of it, you will be armed with React.JS App development techniques, cloud deployment techniques, and benefits.

First things First:

  • React JS is Simple.
  • React JS is Fast.
  • React JS is Fun.

Does this not impress you enough?
Let us take a deep dive!!

Why are React.JS features making news?

React.JS is increasing in popularity for its capabilities that let the App change its data without the requirement of page reload. It is an App developer’s dream to build an efficient App and React JS offers you developers ease to do so. Let us probe into how that happens:

Component building

React JS goes beyond JavaScript and uses the HTML quoting feature of JSX. In React JS you can build separate components quickly and assemble them together to build an App that works on multiple dedicated components. It saves the development time and ensures the App to Market time is significantly lowered.

Reusable Code

Because of the component-building, the React JS code is extensively reusable.
What does that mean to you?
Can you believe that reusing the same code you can build multiple platform native Apps in even shorter time? No longer does your client have to wait for 6 months till you move from Android to iOS. Within short intervals, his App will be popular among all platforms.

High-Performance that makes the difference

React JS framework takes you App from average to excellent. The game changer is the Virtual DOM for every DOM. It is lightweight compared to DOM and its updates are much faster compared to the real DOM.
Whenever a JSX element is rendered, only the Virtual DOM gets updated. By a simple diffing procedure, the Virtual DOM is compared to Virtual DOM snapshot before the JSX was rendered to identify the changes that occurred.
So, effectively, real DOM is updated only with the necessary changes rather than an inefficient update every now and then.
Such a relief it sounds!!

No more SEO effort

Have you ever tried ignoring the SEO part for Applications?
It would have been a near-death experience. SEO does take a lot of developer’s time and focus. React.JS is competent enough to help you build user interfaces that are intuitive and SEO friendly. While working on React JS it helps you transform even the wildest idea into digital reality and keep it entirely SEO friendly.

Astounding UI

A beautiful and intuitive User interface of this scale can be built only with React JS. Extremely engaging and interactive interface that loads quickly ensures using the App becomes a delight.
React JS takes away all the pain of developing world-class User interfaces. Any data change just renders required changes making the page loading process quick.
It has all you would ever need for your creative juices to flow and build the unbeatable UI ever.

Rapid prototyping

Are you an App designer?
React JS will not leave you disappointed. App prototyping has become a trend of the age now. Enterprises want to offer their input on how the App looks and feels before developers get to work.
Design prototypes in a rapid and cost-effective manner with the React.JS framework. In the most refined implementation standard, the designers can capture the essence of a beautiful App.
Use React JS and boom!! You are there, the prototype is all set.
Do you see where we are going with this?
Understanding the areas where React JS can help you develop out-of-box solutions is how you can channelize your and React.JS potential together.
Frankly speaking, React JS is impressive enough to support the development of:

Web Applications

ReactJS is limitless. It supports the development of any Web App you can muster to think about. React JS libraries fills up all the auxiliary needs that other JS frameworks miss. Whether your Applications are large or need excessive DOM manipulations, ReactJS servers each aspect in a phenomenal manner. React JS is only a view layer and can be quickly adopted so even if you are looking for migration, it can be done at an unbelievable speed.
Netflix web App is popular for its brilliant run time performance only because of the React JS framework.

Cross browser support

ReactJS framework exceptionally supports the cross-browser with highly scalable solutions. Its development team has already done extensive testing for each feature it can support across all latest browsers. Such a time-saver!

ReactJS is versatile, yet stable.

Development world is yet to witness such a versatile framework as ReactJS.
Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, and Netflix are really lucky to have come across React JS. The concepts of these top websites are in complete harmony with what React JS supports with its efficient DOM.
The syntax is easy and fun to develop light code. The asynchronous functions ensure a one-way flow of data. ReactJS allows you to work directly with the components making it versatile and the downward data binding makes sure that the parent structures are not impacted by the changes in child structure anyhow.
Facebook coding team developed ReactJS with a pure intention to address the problem of parent structures being preserved. The explicit data binding has been replaced by a downward data flow that keeps the state more stable without affecting the versatility.

Deployment of ReactJS Apps on Cloud

Cloud deployment sounds quite promising, but are you aware of the best practices?
If not, leave the task to your ReactJS development and deployment experts.
When one has to deploy the App to the cloud, a lot of micro-factors play a vital role. These factors determine

  • The cost you will incur on utilizing the cloud hosting.
  • How well your app should function?

Choices an expert can make for you:

  • The experts need to make a choice between IaaS, PaaS, and Saas, they are the prime deployment choices. It can be determined only after understanding the code base you are using to develop your functionalities.
  • Application scaling is vital for your Apps run time performance. Only an expert can determine when to use vertical scaling and when to use horizontal scaling.
  • Database selection for cloud-enabled Apps.

Cloud deployment has scalable advantages that can be harnessed wisely to make your App stable and secure.
Become confident with React.JS when you deploy the App on Cloud. If you are obsessed with efficient and optimized Apps, React.JS is must tread territory. As an enterprise, nothing can upscale your App and business the way React.JS and the experts who know React.JS inside out can.
Whether you are looking for an improvement of existing App or a new App to hit the market, React.JS is a nice start to make an inspirational Application. Making the complex things simpler – React.JS experts are all you need for the cloud deployment.

Vikash Jangid
Corporate Director Chairperson and CTO at Xtreem Solution with unbound opportunities. As CTO of Xtreem Solution, build leadership to the growing and diverse membership to build a strong and environmentally sound IT Enterprise. Responsible for the management, organization and implementation of all activities and programs. As part of this role also helps to develop and promote mutually respectful partnerships around Nations, Business Executive, Developer, investors and key stakeholders within the global exploration and IT community.

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