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Reasons to use Kotlin to develop Android Apps

Ever since the launch of Kotlin, this particularly advanced programming language has started getting a lot of ground in the Android app developers community and among Android development services. It is a secondary official language of Google’s Android, which his very expressive and powerful. Let’s look at the reasons why developers should use Kotlin to develop Android apps.

1. Solution to Real-time Problems

One of the most important and salient features of Kotlin is that it essentially solves the most real-time issues faced by the app developers. For instance, NPEs keep on haunting the Java developers, and this language enables the developers to get rid of them essentially. It has taken a major step in the direction of completely nullifying the Android app development problems.

2. Cost-efficiency and High-quality

Being an open-source language, the developers get high-quality development with the assistance of one-click Java to Kotlin language converter tool and also focus on the Java compatibility. The developers can also convert any of their existing Java projects to Kotlin. Hire Android app developer who can completely utilize this language for cost-effective project development.

3. Easier for Learning and Adoption

Kotlin is essentially a developer friendly language which can be easily learned within few hours with the particular help of a language reference. The different Java developers can easily learn as well as utilize this language much faster since the Kotlin programs can easily be developed by utilizing existing Java libraries and frameworks.

4. No Style Binding

It is a highly flexible language which doesn’t impose any type of philosophy or a certain style of programming such as Object Oriented Programming styling, where the developers need to deal with different attributes as well as methods. Kotlin doesn’t even enforce any type of overly-functional philosophy.

5. No Runtime Overhead

One of the biggest problems faced by developers is runtime overload. The best thing about Kotlin is that it doesn’t impose any type of runtime overload with its small as well as tight library. Its library contains focused extensions in line with the standard Java library.

6. Productivity Enhancement

It permits the developers to utilize productivity improving tools. It performs flawlessly with the IntelliJ. The developers can search, refactor, navigate and even auto-complete code like in case of Java. Kotlin also provides full support for different development phases such as profiling, debugging, and unit testing.

7. Enterprise Java Shops

Enterprise level Java shops can easily be built by different big Java codebases. This type of codebase takes a lot of energy and time from the developers. Kotlin is quite ready to handle this particular issue with very strong commercial support from its creator, JetBrains. It is also tested for a smaller part of the base code without affecting the project’s remaining part. Kotlin enables the developers to easily export a particular Java API which is identical to the particularly regular Java code.

8. Easier Code Reviews

Kotlin essentially focuses on the readable syntax while entirely targeting Java 6. Hence, even the people who don’t have any knowledge of the code can easily review the code. This ease of reviewing the entire code can save a lot of time as well as energy for the developers such that they can easily pay attention to different important aspects.

9. IDE Support

Kotlin is impressively flexible language and it does have many options to combine with the Kotlin due to extensive IDE support. The IntelliJ IDE performs fine with the Kotlin and also comes as a bundled product with this language.

10. Known Syntax

Kotlin is a programming language which is developed by the people from industry, not from the academics. Any developer who works on any OOP domain will easily find the Kotlin syntax familiar and also start creating an app right from the start after simply taking some of the basic training.

All these aspects make the Kotlin a pragmatic and safe language which can effectively address the app development domain’s demand in Android while providing a great app building experience.


Like Swift to iOS, Kotlin is going to be the preferred language for Android in the coming future. Java developers are now switching to Kotlin as it is highly expressive as well as easy to use features like operator overloading, better switch case, smart casting and improved collections which aren’t available in Java. However, some developers prefer moving from Android to iOS, but this trend is rather small.

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