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Time and Cost to Develop Ecommerce Mobile App

author Xtreem Solution
Monday, Jul 09, 2018

Mobile apps have emerged as a great marketing tool for business all over the world which also allows them to cater to the requirements of the large customer base. Same also applies to retailers who wish to develop the e-commerce app in this era where most of the companies are looking for reaching out to more number of customers. It has led to massive increase in ecommerce web development. The traditional retail businesses in any particular area which don’t have any competitors are no longer the current scenario as the people are becoming more tech-savvy and advanced with the latest technology which is growing around them and it is transforming the entire retail industry. This connected world has brought an entirely new world in the hands of the customers and provided them with a great deal of power. Now, they have the power to go shopping from anywhere at any time, and they want to develop as to make their busy life much easier for doing something that provides them with the ultimate bliss, the great experience of shopping which fulfills their personal as well as household requirements.

Why Businesses need E-commerce app?

The requirement of e-commerce apps stems at the basis of certain vital factors. These factors drive the need for such app to attain market visibility and gain more orders. They act as direct marketing channel as e-commerce apps allow the retailers to not worry about the customer to open any promotional email or to get their promotional messages ignored when they are sent to the number of the customers. E-commerce apps provide the retailers with the option to send discounts, offers and many other marketing features on customized deals through push notifications. E-commerce apps also provide a personalized experience to the customers. It allows the retailers to track the purchasing patterns of the customers and their previous purchases which allows the retailers to send personalized promotions to their customers. E-commerce apps are also a great tool to assist the businesses to build their brand. The more user-friendly and stylish as well as interactive the e-commerce app is, the more customers will love to utilize it. It allows the businesses to upgrade it by sending more attractive offers and offering great features which are quite helpful for the users. Customers are now provided with accessibility too. The customers now carry their mobile devices at every place. So, it has become quite necessary to have the e-commerce app developed on both the iOS and Android platforms. That’s why businesses are looking for ecommerce development solutions.

Time and Cost to Develop E-Commerce App

The cost and time of e-commerce app development depend on a wide range of factors. Some of them are:

1. Platform of Development

Selecting the right platform to develop the app on the basis of the target audience is quite crucial. It is dependent on the market share of the different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. The time is taken for development of app also contributes a lot to the cost of development. You have to decide if the app is going to be a developer on a native or hybrid platform. Native apps are much costlier than the hybrid apps. However, when it comes to features and functionalities, they are much better.

2. Features and Functionalities

Once you have determined and finalized the platform to develop the app, you need to decide the technical specification of the app. The various features and functionalities that you are going to add to your app to make it more user-friendly and interactive will drive up the cost of development.

3. Design

The app designing cost of e-commerce app can range from $20000 to $45000. It is based on the average cost of development per hour which can be $25-$50 per hour. The average time of development is nearly 1000 to 200 hours. When it comes to Android e-commerce apps, the cost can range from $25000 to $100,000 which also includes design costs. App registration costa along with annual app store fees as well as other features are included in this cost. iOS e-commerce app can cost from $10,000 to $80,000. All of these costs are in the case of native apps.

For the Hybrid app development, the cost can range anywhere between $20,000 and $150,00- which also includes designing, backend programming and much more.


If you are looking for ecommerce development services to develop your e-commerce app, then you need to ask for all the technical details, budget and development procedure. Ask them for the estimated time of development. The above-mentioned time and cost detail will help you in deciding the right app development company.


About The Author - Xtreem Solution Xtreem Solution is a Digital Transformation consulting company that works for Web & Mobile App Development e-commerce ERP and CRM development, also delivering the solutions with the customer-oriented approach and deploying excellent strategy. We are a global IT, outsourcing, and consulting company, delivering phenomenal experiences using breakthrough solutions while leveraging the best-in-class industry knowledge and latest technology expertise.

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