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Why PHP web Development Company is recommended for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

author Written by Vikash Jangid on Jan 27, 2017 934

Businesses today are at a competitive edge and are always looking for ways that attracting the audiences. The present era of business demands, an effective and attractive business pages and websites for the users. These attractive and innovative web and mobile pages are not just for attracting the customers but also offers many distinguish benefits to the business. These interactive pages give a distinguished identity to the brand and help to provide essential information to the customers.
Thus, amongst the concept of creating web pages for the simple and static content, a new concept called Accelerated Mobile Pages are introduced. It has been observed by many experts in the industry that AMP is the next level of mobile pages that will take the outlook of the business to another level. Let us understand the various aspects related to AMP.
What is Accelerated Mobile Pages?
Recently, Google announced a technique that can ease the creation of web pages for the static content. The designed framework from Google is so made that it enhances the speed of the web pages designed for facilitating their loading process. This framework is an open source and has been so designed for the businesses so that they can easily improve their business page’s speed for the mobile network. This saves any additional cost for the business for reducing the revenues for ads and increasing the speed.

AMP is also an aiding tool for the web developers who are aiming for optimizing the web pages performance. The accelerated mobile pages help in reducing any constraints from the fast loading of the mobile pages along with enhancing the performance of the pages. Thus, in short, it can be said that AMP is the desired framework that is needed by the web developers for securing the performance of their page in a much faster speed than the average and general framework used.
Understanding the levels of AMP framework:
In a nutshell, the framework of AMP is made up of 3 important levels, which are as follow:

  1. AMP HTML: This is just like the subset of HTML consisting of many similar tags but a lot of restrictions. The general knowledge about the basic HTML page makes it favorable for the web developers to use the AMP HTML.
  2. AMP JS: There is no concept of any third-party JavaScript in AMP. This helps in better resource management of the framework as it reduces the complications of handling any outside usage of JavaScript. Apart from reducing some restrictions, AMP JS also helps in better management of the existing resources and improving the loading speed.
  3. AMP CDN: The content delivery network of the AMP is optional for usage in the framework but is added for optimizing the performance of the mobile pages. It caches the accelerated mobile pages with the most nearby and optimized servers and thus enhances their performance and optimizes its working.

Benefits of going from the traditional framework to the AMP framework:
Here are some of the common yet significant benefits that one will get after choosing AMP framework:

  1. Optimized and fast loading of the mobile pages
  2. Mobile-friendly and interactive interface
  3. Optimized according to user’s needs and usage
  4. Awesome and satisfying user-experience
  5. Reduction in the excessive ads
  6. Auto adjustments in all types of browsers
  7. Provides desired search results
  8. Fastens the post click result loading

This was a brief introduction of the AMP and its framework along with the benefits it offers. Now, once the basic idea of this new technique is clear, the next concerning question that arises is the how the web developers can better use AMP for their business website and pages. A simple one-word answer to this is by making the use of PHP web development.
Why is PHP web development recommended for developing AMP?
PHP has always been the favorite development language for most of the web developers. It is one of those tools that can optimize the creation and running of the website along with reducing the load of the website. Along with creating the business’s website in the most optimized manner, PHP has also grown as the tool for developing the trending AMP version.
The growing influence and dependency on the mobile, having an effective and interactive AMP has become a must requirement. If the users are not getting anything better and innovative than what they already have then they are more likely to switch to somewhere else. Thus, even the web developers are looking and are in need of a developing language which can totally compliment this emerging technique of developing the improved mobile pages.

AMP is initially targeting the static content for giving it the needed loading speed, but understanding the use of PHP for the dynamic content as well, the language is being planned to get used for that as well. PHP is swiftly being used for shifting from the static aspects of the website to the dynamic side. Since PHP has all the needed elements that can justify all the essential requirements for the AMP designing and usage, it has become one of the most preferred choices for the web developers.
Advantages of using PHP web development for AMP:
Since, it is clear that PHP has all the right and needed elements that can do complete justice to the proper execution of the AMP, here are some of the benefits that can be availed by using PHP:

  1. Cost-effective: When you think of developing something innovative and performance oriented for the static content on the website, you require something really worth. Considering the availability of something so worth requires the web developers to have a considerable thought regarding the cost of the platform. For getting the desirable outcome from the AMP, web developers need such platform that can complement its aspects along with being stable on the implementation cost. PHP helps the web developers with the same need.
  2. PHP also being an open source initiative development language works well with all the leading and emerging platforms, thereby reducing the cost of implementation and thus becomes a cost-effective solution for developing AMP.
  3. Frameworks variety: Implementing a completely new concept in the web page development requires complete knowledge and will definitely be encountered with some problems. AMP also faces the same issues. Being new in the development industry, there are many shortcomings that the web developer faces when they are designing and implementing AMP.
  4. PHP helps the web developers and the development company with this as well. PHP is one such leading development language that includes a lot of frameworks for the development needs. These so many available frameworks make PHP one such name in the development industry that eliminates the possible problems when AMP is used in different frameworks.
  5. Easy to learn and implement: PHP is one of the simplest programming and development languages that are available for the developing needs. The syntax of this programming language is based on the Pearl and C programming language. Thus, PHP becomes an easy choice for the web developers to learn and execute. Thus, what can be a better idea to use such a programming language for developing AMP than the one that can be learned and implemented easily.
  6. Compatibility: Keeping in mind that there is number of mobile users available using different mobile devices, interface, operating systems, etc., it becomes essential to be sure with the compatibility factor. While AMP will be loaded on the mobile devices, it should be made a point that they are designed using that programming language that is the most compatible with different servers and platforms. This makes the page results in maximum search engines.
  7. PHP is one such name that is not platform specific as it can be used with all the leading platforms like Windows, Linux, UNIX, etc. Moreover, this programming language is one such name that is compatible with all the leading servers. It supports Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape or personalized web servers. Thus, when you are using PHP for developing AMP you need not worry about any of the compatibility issues.
  8. Speed: The main aim of developing AMP is to reduce down the loading and executing time of the mobile pages. Thus, in order to achieve so, one needs to use that programming language that too can be used and implemented in a speedy way. Isn’t it? PHP satisfies this need as well. As PHP is not dependent on the server’s memory and uses its own memory, the workload of the server is reduced to almost minimum.
  9. PHP ensures that most of the server’s memory remains free for an easy loading and faster processing of the mobile pages. The reduction in the implementation and execution time helps in cutting down the development costs and time for mobile pages for e-commerce or CRM.
  10. Safety feature: There will be no point in developing a mobile page that is not secure. The safety feature is one of the essential needs that every mobile page should be enabled with for reducing all possible risks. If you are using a programming language and platform that is not secure enough, then it may cause the mobile page to crash. There may also be a risk of compromising user’s personal information to an unreliable source.
  11. Talking about using PHP for designing the accelerated mobile pages, PHP is well designed with an effective security layer that ensures complete protection against all type of viruses, spams, etc. PHP ensures that the sensitive and personal information of the users will remain secured without any security breaches. The complete safety ensures the reduced bounce rate of the users.
  12. Tested results: PHP is being used for more than 2 decades in the development world now. It has evolved as the most preferred choice of the developers for meeting all types of varying needs and requirements. The confidence of using PHP for all the leading developing needs is because of the fact that the language has been tested against all the possible and required aspects.
  13. As PHP has passed all the development requirements, it has gained the trust of the developers to use it without any compromises. The same applies when developing AMP. The developers can design and control whatever changes they need in the designing when they are using PHP for various mobile applications.

PHP has come a long way in the development world with delivering the desired results to the web developers and to the users. However, the language has still got all the needed requirements that make it one perfect and complete choice to be used for designing and to implement AMP.
Let us know if you too are convinced about the fact that PHP makes the right choice for designing AMP.

Vikash Jangid
Corporate Director Chairperson and CTO at Xtreem Solution with unbound opportunities. As CTO of Xtreem Solution, build leadership to the growing and diverse membership to build a strong and environmentally sound IT Enterprise. Responsible for the management, organization and implementation of all activities and programs. As part of this role also helps to develop and promote mutually respectful partnerships around Nations, Business Executive, Developer, investors and key stakeholders within the global exploration and IT community.

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