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How to find the best iOS App Development Company?

author Written by Vikash Jangid on Sep 07, 2018 1148

With 2.2 million iOS Apps in the App store, the revenue generated by these Apps is expected to be around 189 USD by the end of 2020. A lot of the success pertains to the brainy iOS developer behind the Apps. They are continuously bringing in innovation, technical advancements and more to the iOS platform. If you have a brilliant business idea and need the right technical talent to bring it forward in the best form, hiring an iOS App Development company is the right way to go.

Easier said than done!

Finding the best iOS App Development Company is a very important task as they transform an idea into the final product. Apart from that, they are capable of taking the raw idea and conceptualize the end product before they even start developing. How do you make sure that you hire iOS developer or pick an App development company? Before we step into that arena let us try to understand why is it important to find the right iOS development team to build your product.

You can hire a full-time developer, outsource the work to a freelancer or partner with an iOS App development organization to take your idea to the real product shape.  As the competition in iOS Apps is cut-throat with 2.2 million Apps, you cannot just trust anyone for iOS App development. Partner with a company that offers you full stack service:

1. Conceptualization of product idea
2. Prototyping of the iOS App
3. Designing of the App
4. Development
5. Testing
6. Deployment
7. Maintenance and upgrade.

Is that really it?

Well, of course, no, the Apps that get millions of downloads to have more heavy lifting going behind them than just following the steps. Before you partner with iOS App Development Company, it is important to run a market survey about the budget, timeline, technology, and expertise different iOS App development companies are offering you.

It is indeed a herculean task but if you follow the checklist below, it will make finding an iOS development partner easy.

Know the Portfolio

Well, this is truly vital that when you hire iOS developer you shortlist must have experience in the domain you are planning to develop the App. A brilliant idea needs innovation creativity and business mechanism understanding to make the App look and feel perfect. Look at the past work of the organization, check the intuitiveness of the App, complexity of the project and optimization skills of the App store upload. If you are a techie, just run through the App to understand whether the database, front end, framework and design elements selection was appropriate. Generally, most of the open source codes are present in Github repository, where you can check the code and understand the skills and experience the partnership will bring to you. The primary aspects you must look in the code are:

1. Problem solving capability of code.
2. Program language efficiency of programmer
3. Debugging skills
4. System design skill
5. Performance optimization
6. Code review capability
7. Testing
8. Proficiency in framework
9. Database designs
10.Code navigation

Ask the process methodology

The project management of each iOS App development organization has a certain process in place to carry out a project. Ask them questions regarding the methodology they have set up and how does that work well for them. It is important to know how much importance do they give to timely delivers, transparent communication and flexible engagement models.

Checkout the App Reviews

It is an open world. After you procure their portfolio, go to the App store and see what users are talking about their projects. Check the download stats, uninstall stats, negative reviews, frequent updates, bug removal and the entire history of the App. Every App has a scope of improvement or some minor bugs, it is very important to know how proactive the development team is to eliminate these bugs. iOS releases regular updates to the OS and it becomes important to update the App also, an outdated App is not a sound reflection of professionalism.

What does the team look like?

Design, Development and testing team drives the core of the iOS App development. A well experienced, domain knowledge rich and professional team ensures your project is delivered on time and in best qualify. You can ask for the CV’s or portfolios of the developers or checkout their profiles on LinkedIn to understand the level of experience and expertise they bring to your projects. Many small iOS App development organizations do not have an on-board team, they might connect you with freelancers. It is very important to note that the developers must be part of the permanent team of the company.  

Check the technology stack

iOS App development ecosystem is rapidly evolving. It is important to understand that the company you are planning to partner with is well-seasoned with the core skills as well as they are keeping pace with the changing trend in designing and development. The technology stack must be updated every now and then.

Check out the commitment levels

The market is very competitive nowadays. An iOS App development company that promises to keep your business idea and operations secure are the right partners. Apart from that, they need to make sure each project task is delivered in a time-honored way. Any delays in testing or coding fixing can lead to a heavy monetary loss for you as the competitor may take a lead. It is important that the iPhone App development company focuses on shortening the time of App to market.

App Launch Skills

The launching the App in the App store is a big event. The screenshots, the keyword optimization, the category selection and other micro elements play a significant role in determining how many downloads the App will garner in the App store.

Post-deployment Support

The success of an App is dependent heavily on how well it is being maintained and upgraded once it is released.  The regular iOS upgrades or changes in trends may require your App to be modified or revamped. A professional iOS App development company always makes sure to offer post-deployment support to the App.

UI is the focus

The tendency of iOS app developers is to develop strong UI Apps. It is made possible by triggering events only when a user takes a sudden action or the sensor identifies something. The right logic behind the event must be identified and must be implemented. These kinds of Apps are developed with commercial benefits in mind as these Apps have automated workflows and they are flexible enough. An important aspect of such Apps is to have a business report generated very quickly. 

Budget and Cost

Your project budget must meet the cost of development if not lesser. The cost must include the post-deployment support and should not compromise with the quality at any point. It is important for you also to find the right balance of the budget and quality so that you partner with the right iOS App development company who delivery quality in a professional manner.

To wrap

iOS Apps are turning towards technologies like AR/VR, AI and IoT. Makes sure you partner with the organization who has enough experience, team support and the right leadership to offer you the best. If you are not a techie, the iOS App development company must be capable of customizing the right technology stack, features and functions of the iOS App.

It is important to find the right partner as that will not just save you cost and get you better quality but as the iOS App is a reflection of your services and must be able to create the brand authority for your business that you are looking for.  ?????? ??

Vikash Jangid
Corporate Director Chairperson and CTO at Xtreem Solution with unbound opportunities. As CTO of Xtreem Solution, build leadership to the growing and diverse membership to build a strong and environmentally sound IT Enterprise. Responsible for the management, organization and implementation of all activities and programs. As part of this role also helps to develop and promote mutually respectful partnerships around Nations, Business Executive, Developer, investors and key stakeholders within the global exploration and IT community.

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