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Is Node.js the best Technology for an e-commerce website Development Company?

author Vikash Jangid
Thursday, Sep 13, 2018

The advent of E-commerce in our daily lives has changed how we shop today. Shoppers are seen making purchases on websites, Mobile Apps and social media channels. A lot of heavy lighting goes behind an intuitive e-commerce website development that is defined by the technical expertise that went into developing it. 

Although a website is more than just programming, it requires flawless skills to design and develop for facilitating easy online shopping, payment gateways, shipping options and what not to make it a successful package. If you are to join the league of Paypal, Netflix, Uber, eBay and Groupon as the e-commerce website, it is advisable to use Node.js development.

Node.Js offers all the advantages of being an open source server-side ecosystem. The architecture behind Node.js facilitates the development of extremely fast and scalable websites and that is what is desired by the shoppers while buying online – a rapid checkout.

Facilitating quick prototyping, Node.Js supports the development of extremely capable e-commerce websites. Node.Js has worked as a champion platform for eBay which has 162 million active users across the globe. Let us know precisely how Node.JS supports the crucial features required for e-commerce development services.

Efficiency and features that Node.Js brings to your e-commerce website

Need real-time, multiple I/O handling and an intuitive interface for your e-commerce store, alongside the quick chat support, select Node.Js to back you. Learn why Node.Js becomes & ideal choice:

1. Cost effective and Performance centric

The multitasking feature of Node.Js is what makes it a praiseworthy framework for e-commerce supports an under intensive platform development at more affordable prices.

An e-commerce platform requires offering buyers a catalog, add-to-cart buttons, customization of products, payments gateways, guest checkout and more to make it easy and trustworthy. Node.Js I/O model is very efficient that does not block the I/O operations despite working in real-time.

2. Scalability

Node.js uses JavaScript that is basically an event-driven design and that is what brings scalability to the solutions developed on it. It creates small and simple modules that can work concurrently and newer modules can be added quickly that makes the solutions scalable. This also makes Node.Js highly customizable and adaptable.

3. Speed of operations

Utilizing the V8 engine that uses JavaScript, makes Node.Js based webs solutions to operate at phenomenal speeds. As all the I/O operations happen as a single thread event, robust and speedy web solutions are developed using Node.Js without any compromise on the security of the solution. Integrating Node.JS shopping cart script, Paypal was able to cut down the overall reaction time by 35%. Walmart also utilized the advantage of speed the Node.Js brings as the black Friday sales used only 1% of its CPU despite heaviest traffic.

4. Community Support

The Node.js is a very well documented programming language. Apart from that, the community support is very extensive. An active group of Node.Js developers makes sure the frame is under constant improvement. So every time you encounter Node.Js it has something new and better to offer you. In case you are stuck at some point in the development of Node.Js e-commerce website, utilize GitHub or StackOverflow to find out the solutions and that is how the community makes sure that each Node.Js solution offers its best.

5. Open Source Advantage

Being an open source JavaScript platform, the Node.Js project code can always be accessed by dedicated developers across the globe and suggestion may help you refine the code or add more functionality easily.

6. Plugins advantage

Node.js is immensely popular for its advantage in the e-commerce website development domain. It comes inherently with many ready to use plugins that cover a lot of the aspects of the e-commerce web app development. The free plugins developed my Node.Js developers on GitHub are free to download can be used to expedite the process of development without adding any extra cost.

7. Uniformity of coding

Node.Js is actually an ecosystem based on JavaScript-based. It can be used for both front-end and back-end development making sure there communication between the two ends is not a hassle. You will not even need to engage two different teams for the front end and back end, a single team can manage both parts of the e-commerce web design and lead to better results.

8. Unified Data Streaming

As per Node.Js architecture, HTTP request and its response go as a single data stream. This helps in processing the files simultaneously. It is especially useful in e-commerce website that also loads the product videos which is quite in trend nowadays. The customer will experience lightning fast upload of videos and can immediately make an informed decision.

9. Real-Time Interaction

Node.JS brings the advantage of being an event-driven architecture. It synchronizes the client-side and server-side communication very quickly and in an organized manner making it a perfect tool to build chat services for the e-commerce websites. For a Node.Js website, you will not require any third party chat plugin or tool.

10. Product Management is easy

E-commerce website needs a lot of product management even when it’s a single vendor or multivendor marketplace. Node.Js is powerful enough to facilitate easy management of the product catalog. With the use of NoSQL database, multiple variants of each product can be maintained on the catalog making it a perfect solution for businesses that have lots of products and their variants to sell. As intuitive as Node.Js makes it, the admin panel is also developed to quicken the entire process.

11. Attribution of products

The organization of products is very important to make e-commerce platform user engaging and even easy for the admin to maintain it. E-commerce store built on Node.Js are a navigation delight making the customer journey phenomenal as the filters can be used to find out the choicest products quickly.

Quick tips on add-on advantages of Node.Js

1. Node.Js websites are lightweight hence quick loading and are easy to modify.
2. With extreme JASON and AJAX communication, the search and filter features can be easily added to the e-commerce website.
3. It offers extensive reusability of the code.
4. Testing of Node.Js is cheap and lowers the overall development cost of the project
5. It has less parsing time

Is Node.Js the right choice?

While we think the article above did put across every advantage aspect of Node.JS for the development of a robust, scalable fast, intuitive and navigational e-commerce store, it is important to emphasize that using Node.Js brings the capability of the platform to be upgraded and expanded in future real quick.

As the business grows the features of the e-commerce store are bound to be more demanding and being stuck with a platform that does not allow growth is not a good idea. With the e-commerce sales soaring to 2774 billion in 2018, be ready with a perfectly expandable e-commerce store that is built quickly.  

Today Node.Js is playing a vital role in growing the eCommerce fraternity by offering speedy platforms for the customers that map the customer journey in a phenomenal manner making higher conversions easy to occur.

Making the right technology decision leads to rapid development of the solution and keeps a way for iterations that are required in this rapidly evolving world. Node.Js is not just a right choice for now but future also.

Partnering with a website development service provider that has experience as NodeJS website Development Company is the first right step you will take towards unprecedented growth as an e-commerce vendor.



Vikash Jangid Corporate Director Chairperson and CTO at Xtreem Solution with unbound opportunities. As CTO of Xtreem Solution, build leadership to the growing and diverse membership to build a strong and environmentally sound IT Enterprise. Responsible for the management, organization and implementation of all activities and programs. As part of this role also helps to develop and promote mutually respectful partnerships around Nations, Business Executive, Developer, investors and key stakeholders within the global exploration and IT community.

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