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14 Irresistible advantages of Magento for eCommerce platforms

author Vikash Jangid
Monday, Sep 03, 2018

Magneto powers 252, 629 live websites today. Garnering a significant market share in eCommerce, Magneto is currently ranking at the fourth position in Open source development in India. Popularity behind Magento’s undeterred success is the plethora of eCommerce features that it offers. One plus, Omega, Wrangler, Lee, and Ford are a few impressive Magento online store. Creating such specialized pieces showcases the potential Magento platform and capabilities of Magento Development Company.

The success of Magento attributes its high-level usability, customization, and wide function range without too much coding. Surpassing the popularity of existing eCommerce platforms Magento has proved its mettle. Let us dive deep to understand why(s) and how(s):

1. Multiple storefronts

Magneto single back-end supports creating, managing and updating multiple storefronts. Under a single admin panel, different prices, taxes, currencies and payment options, business owners can garner leads from global markets. With multiple storefronts focused keywords and inventory split can be managed efficiently.

Ecommerce Advantage: With a single backend garner more eyeballs.

2. SEO with Magento

Magento 1.0 was primarily developed by keeping SEO in view. But SEO changed and so did Magento with the release of Magento 2.0 launch. It is worth all the upgrade as the full page caching boost the speed of eCommerce store significantly. If you still choose hire magento developer to be on 1.0, the SEO advantages are SEO friendly URL’s, Google sitemap enabling, Meta title and description.

Ecommerce Advantage: Rank high on search engines.

3. Payment Gateways with Magento

Integrate the online store with multiple payment gateways that are secure enough and capable of processing the entire lifecycle of payment that includes authorization, sale, capture, refund, and void. Magento brings eCommerce platform payment security, convenience, capabilities, and pricing.

The most popular and recognized payment gateways are PayPal, BrainTree, WePay, Authorize.net, DOTPAY, Worldpay.com and Credit/debit card

Ecommerce Advantage: Higher conversions with more payment options.

4. Art of customization

Magento brings you limitless customization. Leaders are cutting through competition by bringing around omnichannel experience and that is where Magento offers an edge. Integration with third-party plugins and themes makes customization quick and easy that shortens the market time of the solutions. The look and feel of the entire website can be altered to deliver extremely powerful solutions as each industry and business works differently.

Ecommerce Advantage: Customer base and revenue increase with customization.

5. Scalability

Well, the figures speak!

Magento based eCommerce solutions are capable of process 39% more orders per hour and instant server response that is very important while catalog browsing. Adding products to cart becomes 66% faster and checkout times are reduced by 49%.

A growing business needs a highly scalable eCommerce website to handle more traffic and conversions.

Ecommerce Advantage: Better performance websites attract and convert more audience.

6. Security standards

Magento is an ecosystem that receives regular security updates. With the availability of 2-factor authentication, Magento website development is more trustworthy as compared to any other platform. Ecommerce is a very lucrative platform for hackers to thrive and Magento’s security standards make the webstore extremely secure.  

Ecommerce Advantage: Security aspects of an eCommerce store impact conversions significantly.

7. Magento is a package

With Magento, you get the advantage of the entire active community. As an open source platform, it is free and offers 5,000 extensions for extreme customization. Its support for B2B store development ensures both B2C and B2B business methods thrive well. As Magento is inherently responsive and Magento 2 admin panel is quite friendly with the touch-screen, your store can reach to 62% more audience.

Ecommerce Advantage: Responsiveness and capability to integrate with extensions make Magento powerful.

8. Business analytics with Magento

Magento is no more just a simple analytics platform. It goes beyond and has become a Business Intelligent analytical tool that offers users capabilities to control and manage the sales data. The visualization of data makes it possible to drive more sales with out of box Magento Business Intelligence.

Ecommerce Advantage: Forecasting and precise prediction of buyer mind frame.

9. Magento spans global borders

Magento platform supports all languages, currencies and demographic styles to help business sell across seas. The support is dynamic making Magento a very strong platform for international reach and conversions that supports the eCommerce idiom to sell more.  

Ecommerce Advantage: Sell products across the globe as Magento handles pricing and payments accordingly.

10. Fast Loading Magento

Magento’s core mission has been to enhance the load time and has finally achieved it with Magento 2. Using MySQL 5.6 that enhances the page caching and hence the speed of the website. The final result is a good looking and fast loading eCommerce store. With Magento 1.0 multiple load speed optimization is available to perform well on mobiles and desktops.

Ecommerce Advantage: A fast loading store is ranked high and converts more.

11. Hosting for Magento

Magento hosting attributes better performance to no particular hosting provider. It gives Magento eCommerce owners flexibility and ability to choose the best affordable Magento development services. Magento is as easy going as possible with extensions and hosting needs.

Ecommerce Advantage: Reliable, resilient and flexible hosting brings eCommerce running costs lower.

12. Magento Sells

Magento encourages the development of a workflow that drives more sales. The features, themes, extensions and the entire ecosystem focuses on building a support system that sells more. With checkouts, payments, shipping information made easily accessible it offers a rich physiological purchase experience for the buyers.  

With Magento’s help, it becomes easy to segment buyers and target them using a Business Intelligent system that encourages more sales.

Ecommerce Advantage: Architecture of Magento enables development of designs that sell more.

13. Easy to update

Magento is a limitless ecosystem with a thriving community and active development support. The availability of easy to integrate third-party extensions keeps an eCommerce store ready to undergo a change without too much of effort. The speed of update is quick to ensure the business is not impacted.

Ecommerce Advantage: Architecture of Magento enables development of designs that sell more.

14. Supports Multiple Sizes

Magento encourages the growth of business development as it supports business prosperity. As Magento has it all to help a business grow, it scales its performance to keep up with the pace of increasing traffic, checkouts and payments. An eCommerce store that offers customers invaluable experience always grows rapidly.

Ecommerce Advantage: A high-performance eCommerce store allows business owners to grow. 


The ecommerce industry is on a lookout for a platform that is robust, scalable and yet flexible. Magneto and its technical capabilities make it a perfect ecosystem to develop e-commerce stores that drive more sales to offer a competitive edge always. 

Vikash Jangid Corporate Director Chairperson and CTO at Xtreem Solution with unbound opportunities. As CTO of Xtreem Solution, build leadership to the growing and diverse membership to build a strong and environmentally sound IT Enterprise. Responsible for the management, organization and implementation of all activities and programs. As part of this role also helps to develop and promote mutually respectful partnerships around Nations, Business Executive, Developer, investors and key stakeholders within the global exploration and IT community.

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