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Why is Magento best for Ecommerce Development?

Magento is a robust e-commerce development platform to create and run e-commerce websites without any hassles. There are a plethora of content management systems or CMS which are available in the market for free of charge like Open Cart, Woocommerce etc. Let’s get deeper into the reasons why Magento is the best for e-commerce development.

1. Open Source

Magento is essentially open source which means anyone can easily download it and start developing e-commerce portal without paying anything. All it requires is to visit Magento official website and then create a free account on it. But there are paid ones too. That’s why most of the businesses opt for Magento development services as the cost factor is considerably small.

2. Comprehensive E-commerce Package

Magento is a comprehensive e-commerce package that consists of all the essential modules that you require to build your own e-commerce platform. It is a readymade package for all of the e-commerce users which include user dashboard, cart module, product inventory system, payment options, checkout module, product upload, catalogue module, sales, invoice system and newsletter. Each user is provided with a dashboard in order to view all the accounts details or the orders along with different previously mentioned features.

3. Compatibility with Different Hosting Services

Magento can run in any hosting service like Linux, Windows, MacOS etc. There are no strict rules regarding Magento that you can only select a particular Magento hosting server. You just can develop an e-commerce site and host it on any of your preferred hosting services whether it is normal or cloud hosting.

4. Unlimited Size

When it comes to size and scalability there is no limitation in case of Magento. Magento is essentially developed for most of the medium as well as large e-commerce sites, and there is no concern regarding whether your website is big or small. No matter how many products you have, you can simply upload them and display on the e-commerce website of yours.

5. Easier Integration of Extensions

Magento comes with a wide range of extensions which are essentially plugins and third-party APIs. In the Magento connect in case you want any extension all you have to do is go to the Magento connect and easily take any extension and install it within your Magento website. It is simply plug and play and there are a plethora of free as well as premium themes for you to choose from for different look of your website. You can simply install any theme you like.

6. Customization of Modules

We have previously stated that Magento comes with a lot of modules, which means that in case you wish to customize any module, you need to simply go to that particular file and edit the codes. It will easily accept any changes you make to the code but you need to remember that in case you wish to customize any module, you must have knowledge of Zend framework as Magento is developed in it. A Magento development company with developers who have knowledge of this framework can easily develop your e-commerce platform.

7. SEO friendliness

When it comes to SEO, Magento is a superb CMS. It will assist you in getting better ranking on the Google as well as other search engines. Magento comes with a separate module as well as configurations for SEO. In case you wish to have more, then you can choose from any of the extensions available.

8. Mobile Responsive

Magneto based e-commerce website is responsive by default which means it can run on all types of mobile devices whether they are small or large. But when you choose any theme, select the responsive theme only or you can also develop your own responsive store by yourself.

9. Operating Multiple Stores

Magento has one of the most salient feature of offering multiple store option. In any singe Magento you can easily create a different number of stores that you want. You can also design different layout for each store.

10. Easy Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance of Magento based e-commerce store, it doesn’t require too many employees. It doesn’t take too many people to manage it as everything in Magento is quite ready-made. The modules of Magento are developed in quite a structural way so it doesn’t consume too much time for maintenance.

11. Cost-effective Solution

If you choose Magento CMS in order to develop your e-commerce store, then you don’t require too much amount of money as well as time. It is owing to the fact that Magento comes with different modules and functionalities by default that you can simply customise as well as configure according to your requirements.


Magento is certainly the best CMS when it comes to e-commerce development. It provides different facilities and functionalities which makes it easier for anyone who wishes to run an e-commerce store. All he needs is hire Magento developer who has complete knowledge of Magento development.

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