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Difference between ReactJS vs. AngularJS vs. Vue.JS – What to pick in 2018

author Vikash Jangid
Thursday, Aug 16, 2018

The technology world is bestowed with a plethora of options. These options lead to the development of phenomenal solutions when crafted by innovative and creative developers. What makes each business solution stand out is the intelligent framework selection by the developer.

A framework determines the speed of development, ease of development, cost of development and most importantly the features it can offer to the end-products. Once a developer starts building a solution, there is no looking back. It is highly advisable to run through some deep comparative studies of frameworks before you sit down to work as a developer.
Are you being run down by the confusion of picking up the suitable JavaScript for the project at hand? This article sheds light on the rich frameworks of ReactJS, AngularJS and Vue.JS and what sets them apart so that your next project is backed by a perfect JavaScript framework.


ReactJS is fathered by Facebook and is based on FLUX architecture. The advantage FLUX architecture renders to ReactJS for building client-side web applications makes it easy to be used immediately by the developers as has a lot of composed components to use from. As ReactJS has powered some very reputed websites like PayPal, Uber, and Netflix, it is considered to a strong competitor to the other two despite having comparatively less code reusability and limited documentation.
 Virtual DOM and The Node tree functionality of ReactJS is what fuels its popularity. The inherent strength of ReactJS being a flexible framework lets it interact with different libraries with an unprecedented ease. A rich library and tool support of Blueprint, React-Bootstrap, React native web and more make it a versatile framework to suit multiple web solution development.
If you are looking for a unified approach to development with ReactJS, it may disappoint you. The framework being a combination of JavaScript and HTML, you may not be able to rope out all the features you would want to like if you need to bring dynamics to a button, with ReactJS code it may become a little complicated as it does not support a clean code the way other two frameworks do.
When is it a perfect framework to use?
ReactJS has lots to offer a developer so if you are the one looking for flexibility for developing your end-product and are ready to work on a substantially big ecosystem, go for ReactJS.


Another masterpiece from the Google family, AngularJS is an MVC architecture based framework. As a rigid architecture, AngularJS is devoid of flexibility but a plethora of other advantages it brings along make it a fine bargain. With a brilliant CLI, developers love to code in the AngularJS framework and that is what leads to a thriving community of AngularJS developers that offers tremendous documented support which is quite precise.
As a modular framework, it offers a huge amount of code reusability leading to the quick development of solutions. It is a highly intuitive framework that has a comprehensive nature making the code comparatively shorter than the other two frameworks. Its dependency injection feature keeps the code clean, readable and loosely coupled to find the bugs. Offering form validation and Http Client feature lead to include testability features, typed request and response objects and more. Undoubtedly AngularJS is being preferred by global leaders like Google, Forbes, and weather.com.

If you are looking for flexibility, AngularJS is not a framework to befriend.  It does not bring out the best if used with any other programming language and does not support the old browsers. 
When is it a perfect framework to use?
If you are developing a solution that needs lots of dynamic elements, AngularJS is definitely a thumbs up to the framework and also the clean code AngularJS offers to developers is a delight to read and debug. A supporter of OOPs and scalable solution development, AngularJS must be your prime choice.


The new baby in the town is just 4 years old and is a framework that is quite closers to AngularJS but is lighter than its parent framework. Supported by Community, Vue.JS is a FLUX architecture based framework that offers a good level of architectural flexibility. Vue.JS offers a great CLI that allows you to set up the project using webpack and browserify template.

Even when it is a comparatively newer framework, Vue.JS has a sound documentation support. Its code reusability surpasses both AngularJS and ReactJS as it supports both CSS and HTML code reusability.
A simple to integrate framework that offers separation of templates, CSS code and JavaScript Code helps build light solutions. If you ever experienced website and Apps of Expedia, Nintendo, and Alibaba, their excellence is rendered by Vue.JS

Nothing to warn you about as such but its newness may sometime be a challenge.
A perfect framework when?
A clean code and dynamic element support come along with the package of Vue.JS. It is perfect when you want the framework to be light and simple that is supported by clean HTML code.
The selection of the right framework is purely dependent upon what kind of support do you expect from the framework. A deep insight into the solutions expected features will help you match the framework need in the right light.

Vikash Jangid Corporate Director Chairperson and CTO at Xtreem Solution with unbound opportunities. As CTO of Xtreem Solution, build leadership to the growing and diverse membership to build a strong and environmentally sound IT Enterprise. Responsible for the management, organization and implementation of all activities and programs. As part of this role also helps to develop and promote mutually respectful partnerships around Nations, Business Executive, Developer, investors and key stakeholders within the global exploration and IT community.

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