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Top technology advancements of 2018 that iOS App development companies must use

author Vikash Jangid
Friday, Aug 24, 2018

The mobile industry is one such industry that is at the peak currently. The war between iOS and Android is turning fierce. After all the competition is not only about the technology behind the two but the entire ecosystem that includes the Mobile Applications also.

The landscape of mobile App development has changed tremendously, not just as per UI/UX and database but the features Apps are offering to the users too. As an iOS App developer or iOS App Development Company, you need to keep pace with the trends and changing landscape of the same.

Following the Mobile App trends and staying innovative with these is the best way to stay on top of the leaderboard. Let us know what technologies are in trend on App Development nowadays:

1. Apps for wearable devices

The sale of Apple wearable devices is going up by 13.5% every year. Till date 2018 alone witnessed 4 million wearable Apple devices making it to the market. As the market size of wearable devices is gearing up, it offers a nice platform to garner the attention of the users by developing iOS Apps that are functionally appropriate and do not succumb to the screen size disparities.

As the hardware of the wearable devices is not as powerful as that of the iPhones, they need to be augmented by powerful Apps. The Apps on wearable devices need to garner real-time data and process that in real time. Sale of wearable devices is about to explode and so is the market for Apps. The App development companies must lay strong focus on building these Apps. 

2. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

It is a technology pack for the new generation of developers. With the support of Virtual reality, the market share of AR Apps has gone up significantly.  The technology behind AR takes users from their mobile screen to the real world and that is appealing to a lot of users.

Apple community took a special initiative in September 2017 to offer iOS developers a deeper visibility into the development of AR-based Apps as they released iOS 11 and ARkit. With Apple’s own AR SDK, the sensors of the device will work more precisely will lead to higher downloads of AR iOS Apps. It is the right time to deep dive into iOS’s AR segment for iOS App development.

3. Artificial Intelligence Apps

iOS App development companies are pushing towards a 300% increase in Artificial Intelligence-based Apps. The tremendous availability of the data, tools for analytics and capability of the iOS framework has made the entire system proficient enough to support AI in a more humane form.

AI-powered Apps engage more users as it curtails human intervention to a significant level. Successful SIRI and it like are epic examples of how AI is being favored by the masses. AI has managed to penetrate in daily life has become a trend of living. For iOS developer who wants to keep pace with technology and grow, need to chisel AI development skills.

4. Micro- Apps and Enterprise Apps

With the advent of Apps in Enterprise to streamline the operational flow and offer security, it is the next big thing in the iOS App development world. These Apps help employees stay connected over a secure an official App even when they are away from work. Around 70% of enterprises have increased their investment budget in 2017.  

On the contrary, a new segment of Micro-Apps are around that have very specific functionalities and work in a targeted fashion. The micro-apps are lightweight and are in trend nowadays following the huge attention they are gaining from the users.

5. Internet of Things

Apple development team is putting in all efforts to make iOS a platform where technology advancements can thrive. IoT is one such technology that is all set to garner a strong foothold using the iOS platform. IoT connects multiple electronic devices over a network and these devices are controlled by the smartphone with an App.

As the homes are becoming smart, IoT Apps are all set to become part of every household. These Apps needs to be secure, intuitive and must network with the entire ecosystem of IoT. It is a must for iOS App development companies to stay on top of IoT development as it is the future of how we will be living.

6. Cloud-Based iOS App

Cloud has offered a new found freedom to App users and App developers. While the phone’s storage is no longer consumed with the integration of cloud space to Apps, it has become a must. Banking upon the cloud storage is the best thing an iOS App can offer to its users. iOS developers must stay innovative with the cloud integration to iOS Apps so that the internal memory of the phone is not run down.

7. iOS to support multiple App types

iOS offers users a very strong platform where multiple types of applications can thrive. As the OS has been upgraded to keep pace with AI, Big Data and IoT, a lot is expected from the iOS developers to build for the users. Innovation and creativity must be at the peak to project UI of iOS in the best frame.

8. Zero Security compromises

As the financial institutions like banking, insurance and Blockchain have moved to iOS platform in App from, there is no scope for security lapses. Even with the enterprise Apps being used and business critical data being shared on it, the technological sphere of iOS App development must deliver only 100% secure Apps. Encryption, API keys and more must be used to keep user data security.

Today, 75% of mobile apps would fail the security test that is very basic. But 2018 has seen a very favorable trend to push iOS App development towards more secure Apps. A secure and scalable iOS App must be the prime area of concern for iOS App developers.

9. GPS enabled Apps

AR, VR and now GPS are the most use worthy aspects of an App. GPS enabled iOS Apps to go beyond gaming. In fact, the enterprises have moved towards using GPS gamification to market their real-time deals to the buyers as per their geo-location.

2017 witnessed a 14% increase in GPS enabled iOS Apps big brands like Nike, Adidas and more. It not purely innovative but this concept brings the advantage of low-cost advertising and easy to grab deals for users. GPS enabled App can serve multiple purposes and every iOS App development company must try to be innovative with it.

10. Digital Wallets

The digital wallet is the thing of a new generation that has influenced the older generation too. With the increasing use of these Apps, it is no longer a requirement to carry cash always.  Without any threat to security and quick to pay Apps to offer a wide innovative platform to the iOS developers to integrate it with more extensions and bring out something that is completely new and unheard of.

To Wrap

iOS and its thriving iOS App ecosystem is a perfect place of growth for an App developer or App development company. As the user acceptance of smartphones has exploded, setting a trend is no longer an uphill task with so much support. Fueling the iOS App development are these new technology advancements that open up floodgates to innovation.

As an iOS App development company, it is important to keep pace with these technology changes to grow up the ladder. 

Vikash Jangid Corporate Director Chairperson and CTO at Xtreem Solution with unbound opportunities. As CTO of Xtreem Solution, build leadership to the growing and diverse membership to build a strong and environmentally sound IT Enterprise. Responsible for the management, organization and implementation of all activities and programs. As part of this role also helps to develop and promote mutually respectful partnerships around Nations, Business Executive, Developer, investors and key stakeholders within the global exploration and IT community.

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