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OTT Video App Development: Time, Cost, Features, Market Growth and Everything You Need to Know

author Written by Shikha Sharma on Oct 03, 2019 | Updated on: Jun 14, 2022 7823

You are planning to build an OTT video app?

Want to know time and cost to develop OTT video app like Netflix or Hulu?

it’s great you are at the perfect place. This is an excellent idea, if you are planning to invest money in a fantastic Content delivery network. However, it requires a whole lot of work patience and you need to know-how to acquire this. In case you have a healthy budget, you can hire a professional mobile app developer also to make a custom OTT video app development.  

But if you would like exactly an OTT app or want to know how to develop app like OTT video mobile app, then you would be better searching for a higher-end developers or service. It is a significant investment, but it'll be well worth it in the long term process.

This Over the top media (OTT) alternative is excellent if you are working with a small budget and wish to start your OTT app without needing a big financial hit.

What are OTT Video Apps or Over-the-top Media App?

What are OTT Apps

OTT is possibly among the most important abbreviations that you may have never heard of.

At this time, it is in more than 51 percent of homes in the USA alone and is used at 100 minutes every day. OTT is outside to kick TV Cables away their favorite video streaming alternative position.

OTT is an concise form for Over-The-Top, an industrial concept that makes it possible for you to stream video. You don't need a cable or satellite subscription, all you have to do is plug apparatus, download an OTT app and that’s it.

OTT Market Share & Growth 

OTT Market Growth

As of 2019, there are 182 million OTT subscription video service users at the U.S. Half of the OTT users, use at least one OTT service. The OTT market share doesn't finish at these percents. 

Ad-Supported Video on demand is completely free; it does not charge any amount in the users for access.

Features of OTT Video App Development 

Features of OTT Video Apps development \Introduce Social Features

The majority of the people are watching trending videos through the medium of sharing; most common social media will help your channel grow just like one's growing at present on the market.

Content should be Multilingual

To reach a broader demographic and expand the business beyond the geographical borders that your core user base must be normal. The important thing that you simply add more information which you flow through your video streaming app should bring in a large amount of audience. The demographics could be increased bearing in mind the languages that the audience is comfortable in. A single language could not bring Netflix into the upfront of this OTT segment, the majority of the people stream videos through their mobile.


An Explore or Search option is essential to get in OTT streaming app. The option ought to be designed in a way it is visible for all age groups. Additionally, try to have as many celebrity options in the research drop-down menu as you can.

User Profile

Your application must include a user profile option which gives them the choice to manage their side of the application, the information they want to view, the preferred payment option and suggestions according to their screening history. And if you're planning to choose Netflix's path of adding more customers in the app, have multiple displays in the app, with each user been awarded their set of features.

Watch list

The must-have part of the OTT video streaming app would function as watch list functionality; this is the part where the consumers would add things they wish to watch later. This is the main factor, and the OTT app is famous for this facility.

Social Characteristics

If you ask any audio OTT app development company, they are going to inform you about social media features, this is an important part of the whole OTT experience. You should give your users an option to talk about their opinion/Feedback on social media with their network. 

Screen Monitoring

This part is best; it might be beneficial if your users can access the app on displays aside from their mobile apps, such as their TV or Desktop, etc. There are two ways to implement this feature and Give your own OTT app for mobile and TV apparatus, and then you'll be able to provide the ease and seamlessness of cash transfer to your app users.

Time to Build OTT App Development

The time necessary to start approx 3 to 6 Months, it is one of the effective and cost-effective methods to develop an OTT video streaming app. This procedure means you're rent the assistance of an OTT platform firm, such as Uscreen that has white-labeled OTT apps for several apparatus, content delivery networks and hosting set up.

Professional developers will develop the habit OTT app for you but rather than purchasing it for tens of thousands of dollars, you will essentially pay it for a couple of hundred dollars per month for as long as you've got the app running.

All you have to provide, such as logo, combinations of the latest color, the whole procedure takes between 30 to 45 days. During the whole process, you will have the entire support of the developer, and also you can connect through the process and even after that they will provide the maintenance to you also. 


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OTT App Monetization Strategy

In the market, there are three OTT video streaming monetization versions which are followed by the top OTT companies:

  • Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD)
  • Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD)
  • Ad-Supported Video on Demand (AVOD)
Subscription Video on Demand

Under this version, your customers will be able to view the entire range of your movie parts that offer in return for some recurrent fees that they might have to pay.

The monetization model asks users to pay per view. Here your users are not going to have to pay anything at the time of log-in. They'll be paying a sum based on the series they want to watch.

Cost to Develop OTT Video Streaming App

Time and cost to develop OTT video app like Netflix or Hulu depends on the number of factors: 

  • The number of features which you are adding in the app.
  • The number of apps that the app would operate on.
  • The geographic location of your partnered mobile app development agency is based.
  • This is the moment where you have to consider all the factors and discuss with the over the top software experts and get your app developed with all the features and live.
  • The most video app developers have leveraged the OTT segment with their quality attributes.

The rough and estimate cost of OTT app development will be USD 25K to USD 35K.

After reading this, you will get to know how to spend and where to invest in your OTT app development services. A mobile application development company can help you in introducing all the key and important qualities to your OTT video streaming apps.

Is Google Starting to Throttle Organic Traffic?  

Google Starting To Throttle Organic

Watch Afterwards List

A fantastic way to bring more and more visitors to the house is by keeping a list of their favorite shows and videos useful. A custom mobile application development company can introduce a telling feature that will notify the audience of the watch later list. This way even if the live shows are not that exciting and intriguing to the audiences then they could spend their time watching the saved watch later list.

In-App Purchases

Most of the software development companies have produced an in-app purchase alternative to have a greater company with this particular medium. The mobile application development company should provide an effective plan to present such a characteristic. The seamlessness of the money transfer provided through this feature is appreciated by the prime users.

Options for Screen Mirroring

For both the iOs users and many others there should be a choice to go have an exhilarating adventure of video streaming from their mobile screens. There can be many men and women who wish to Binge-watch their favorite films and series on large TV screens. Contact an iPhone app development firm that allows adding this feature to your OTT video app.

There are various ways that you can spend according to your budget and make your own OTT video streaming app.

An add centric content delivery system comes under Ad-supported Video on Demand model of OTT video apps. The ads are utilized to provide revenues for streaming videos, Hosting, offsetting production, monetization of content is covered under this

An OTT video app development can cost you approximately USD 25K to USD 35K, with this comes the time for execution of this blueprint and get your app developed by the movie program developers or you might also try the self-programming method. The platforms providing one of the OTT services may give you an app on lease. They'll do everything and your app can be maintained for the quantity of time that you would like to keep it. 

Create an OTT Video App using OTT Development Technology

Technically speaking, OTT is the delivery of multimedia on the net without the use of any framework where the content is directly dispersed to consumers. The bypassing system has the capacity of what to broadcast across the internet to the consumers. 

The online video traffic is set to rise approximately 70% of mobile visitors by 2021 and the worthiness of the OTT streaming market is set to hit 62.03 Billion USD by 2020.

OTT Viewing Experience over the Traditional Cable TV

As the video is highly on demand is altered by the means of experiencing the movie content on the internet, the OTT platform contributed to choosing the traditional cable TV into the next level of seeing experience

OTT leverages Enterprises and Business

companies won the OTT gameThe trend of OTT is also enlarging its border for enterprises by letting them communicate with each other and sometimes completely free of price. The robust heightening of OTT apps like Skype, FaceTime, and WhatsApp which is a vital factor for traditional business collaboration and personal purposes, OTT services play a critical role in holding the company and Enterprise level applications. Additionally, they supply exclusive attributes that attract every customer as well as the flexibility to amplify the growth business level.

Augmenting over Education and Sports

Sports and Educational industries are the best categories and it’s beneficial to this type of niche platform. The broader distribution of committed broadcasting of sports with rights and Pay TV, streaming of wealthy live content is made easy and much more user engagement. It also implies the links online for students, teachers to leverage the educational activities.


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Technology to Build an OTT Platform

The majority of the OTT platform providers are using AWS (Amazon web service) cloud service because of their premier cloud storage component. The cloud-based solution helps business professionals in developing their own OTT platform to extend the scalability and customer engagement to magnify the company revenue.


A media server is the ideal java based application server that has the possibility of managing a high number of concurrent connections. The edge server serves as the best celebrity on holding static files which truly makes the job achieved in a far simpler way of streaming high-quality content.

Streaming Protocol

The RTMP protocol transmits the general maximum possible data and also provides low-latency interaction. A Huge number of CDN suppliers are have been utilizing in the OTT Platform and it is an important factor in reducing the traffic from the core network to grow the international low latency. 

Rethinking Security

DRM (Digital Rights Management) and AES Encryption are the most frequently used security system which plays an important part in protecting the content from copyrights and protecting from unauthorized access of this Content.

As concerned with the recent survey, 78 % of the OTT platform keeps a better recognition with their viewers and this is the key factor in establishing the best OTT service. 


You could be an enthusiast in the growing field and endeavor to deliver your movie app under the OTT class. This brings forth various significant factors upon which your program developing has to be accomplished.

You can hire a professional, or discuss with OTT app development company which would be accompanied by some of the steps taken when you use the rental option. The expense range can be managed with a good plan. You merely need to stick to the easy facts to come up with a competent video app.

Shikha Sharma
Shikha Sharma received a Master's degree in Computer science and now she is working as SEO Executive at Xtreem Solution, leading iPhone App Development Company. She loves to write about trends in mobile apps, iOS, Android, react native, flutter, cross-platform, web technology and digital marketing trends. Her professional interest is focused on grabbing Knowledge. Apart from this, she is a coffee lover & nature lover. She loves to read books and also crazy about photography, travelling, adventure trips and pastel rainbows.

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