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e-Scooter Mobile App Development – Time, Cost, Features, Market Idea Everything you should know about it

author Ashish Goyal
Friday, Sep 20, 2019

If you're reading this, then I am sure, you're considering/ want to know more exactly how to create e-scooter apps such as Bird, Lime or Spin.

If you're a startup and trying to invest in traveling apps, e scooter app development is a fantastic future scope for you. It is not only going to make the ride-sharing market shinier their prices and the way they provide facility are less expensive also.

“If you also are in the race to get e scooter growth, then great and stay tuned!”

Why e-Scooter mobile apps went to be popular

There are many things you want to know before you jump to creating electric scooter apps. It includes how the electric scooter app works and what attributes are there. Let us explore them in.

The important part of this startup, e scooter app startups is becoming so popular all over the world. 

Did you know why eScooter app development is in demand


e-scooter app demand


The building of an electronic scooter app isn't only advertising seems it has also a great advantage. It's a lot of different potentials that are driving consumer's focus and investments from shareholders. A number of the major reasons for this are : 

Electric Scooter is good for the environment

It is quite evident that electronic scooters do not operate on gas that keeps the environment clean. In comparison to some other transportation modes, electric scooters are environment-friendly.

Pocket-friendly communication

E-scooters rides, which operate on the battery, are far more affordable than other transportation choices. It ranges from $0.15 a minute, which can be pretty economical. So, why don't we!

Avoid traffic

Along with the scooters would be the best case for this. The way that they are made to be little dockless scooters they just take less space.

It is fairly obvious why those e scooter sharing mobile apps startups are gaining acceptance in the industry. Numerous players are coming into the marketplace for better attributes.

Why do you need to invest into an e-Scooter mobile app


invest in e-scooter app


Their ever-rising rates and the rising concerns regarding worldwide contamination, everybody -- from world authorities to ordinary men and women is drawn towards cleaner, greener solutions. E-scooters provide the additional advantage of being more cost-effective than conventional means of commute. Also, they allow faster movement between two factors while decreasing the chances of traffic congestion.

The user interest and engagement in e-scooter app development service are likely to increase in the coming times which make it a profitable venture for budding startups and entrepreneurs. It is quite clear that e scooter program startups are growing just Such as Uber's ride-hailing version. And traders are showing similar interest rates.

So, why don’t you? If you have a Bird-like e scooter app development thought in your mind, talk to us

What are the challenges, you might be facing while you create an electric Scooter app?

The most important concern for bicycle, cab or an electronic scooter, App development is finding the best technology. If you have an extremely experienced scooter app development group, then congratulation you won half battle of this journey.

What’s the next big challenge in escooter sharing mobile apps?

You should clear about each and everything about the market and technology, which generates functional challenges. So, it is just as important to invest in a place where it is considerate and safe.

But, bike and electronic scooter app startups are spread from all around the world to produce value for consumers and therefore electronic scooter app development is opening up new channels for job and earnings also. But, startups are optimistic about working and everything. Although, bike taxis could create new employment and earning opportunities for the youth.

There are many things you want to know before you jump to creating electric scooter programs. It includes how the Cellular scooter program works and what attributes are there. Let us explore them in particulars.

How Can the e-Scooter sharing App work?


how escooter app works

  • User downloads the program from program shop
  • Creates his profile and logins
  • Enter the payment details
  • Search for accessible scooters nearby
  • Assess info regarding the scooter- state, battery, etc..
  • Reach from the scooter via the map and then unlock it in the program
  • Scan scooter's QR code and begin the ride
  • Harness the lock on the program again to lock it

These electric sharing mobile apps are doing great

When we speak about taxis, car rental app or electronic scooters, many options are available throughout the world. Here, we’re going to speak about a few of the very popular on-demand scooter apps that made it big in 2018!

Bird E Scooter app

The bird is starting to work the previous year, their scooter sharing app in the significant towns of North America. So, now the question arises in your mind, how can Bird work?

Users can check the availability, and find through the app. See the important features:

  • Navigational app to locate a nearby mobile scooter
  • GPS monitoring
  • QR Code scanner to unlock or book your mobile scooter
  • Smart lock your mobile scooter
  • Payment gateway

Well, there are lots of different options is availableif you're planning to make a scooter app like Bird, then you are in the right place.

Lime- Book your scooter at anytime

Lime scooter app is among the very buzz-worthy startups that have acquired a Funding of $467 million. Founded only a year ago, Lime has taken over the entire world like a storm.

The attributes are very similar to Bird, where you can use the program to get the closest Lime-S, their e scooter or Lime-E. As soon as you arrived at your destination, then you can lock your trip safely!

SPIN – enjoy the ride through SPIN

When it's all about getting funding for scooter apps, Then SPIN a brand new scooter app startup has obtained funds of $125 million. It's currently available in approx 19+ nations. Launched in 2016, although their race is slow, they're gradually moving towards consumers.

So, as you can see that the industry still has takers, even to get a brand new bike taxi or electronic scooter startup. 

“If you have an idea or and also want to part to this journey, let us know what you are thinking, and want to create a scooter app”

Want to grow with escooter sharing mobile app like Lime/Spin/Bird?


Grow with escooter mobile app



The bird is starting to work the previous year, their scooter sharing app in the significant towns of North America. So, now the question arises in your mind, how can Bird work?


Lime is an innovative scooter mobile app and provides the best facility, scooters, bicycles and rental cars for the consumers. The user can check the availability and ride the vehicles to get their destination wherever they want to go. 

Lime mobile app for both Android and iOS to provide and easing public moves in cycles of a lime scooter leasing coverage, enabling users to choose and reserve the different electronics, e-assist bicycles at any moment and the business is serving over 50 places in US nations.


Spin is among those Rental scooter suppliers for consumers locally and they provide the dockless, Scooter, and electric-assist bicycle in the rental policy to take you in which you need to travel. To assist users to acquire a rental scooter to get their traveling purpose within their intention to utilize for their convenience. 

With the support of a Spin App, users may select & book the vehicle, see the destination distance through the map. In this, all the payment details are available here, the program eases the QR code procedure to unlock automobile for Driving.

Functions are required for electric scooter app development

Function of escooter

  • Navigational maps to Locate scooters nearby
  • Real-time tracking
  • QR code scan
  • Ride history
  • Push notifications

How much time you need to create an e-Scooter app?

The demanding time is to develop an electronic scooter application or program is about 3 to 4 months. When there is a need to add something, then the time other customization will be increased.

Let us discuss it!

It's quite evident that E scooter app startups are growing day by day like Uber's ride-hailing version. And traders are demonstrating similar interest rates. So why don't you? 

In case you've got a Bird, e scooter app development notion in your mind, speak to us. We can give you a hand throughout the discovery period to record the characteristics and remarkable layout and development. We're among the greatest transportation app developers in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, India and more.

The program, Bird utilizes a network of builders to pick up and recharge the car instantly, before placing them out again to the following moment. This e-scooter program provides the last mile option for quick rides in an initial price tag of $1 and 15 cents per min traveled.

According to the most recent information, Bird has a rather clear worldwide expansion version, starting on-demand electrical scooter rental agency in Alberta this past month.

Let us check out a few recent figures associated with e-scooter sharing businesses

E-scooter Market Evaluation

e-scooter app graph

As per a report, the worldwide electric scooter market size will be valued at USD $13,864.0 million by the year 2025.and it's expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% over few years up to 2025. The emission of harmful gases through gas and diesel vehicles along with the resources that are depleting and varying costs of fuels have made people turn towards the electric scooters. 

However, the present advancements are expected to provide increased power and overcome the present limitations thereby simplifying the industry growth.



e-scooter aap development


The e-scooters are fuel-efficient, simple to deal with, support the environment and are also possible to use and move around in the traffic due to their compact size. All these are more than sufficient reasons for the electric scooters to be adopted in countries including France, the United States, Germany, UK, Spain and many more. 

The electric scooters are two or three-wheeled vehicles that are powered by electricity. The electricity is stored in a rechargeable battery that's responsible to drive the operation of electric motors. The scooter is reported to be a light-weight electrically powered scooter which will strengthen the company's hold in the industry.

Let’s do the discuss!

If we consider the basic features and the fundamental three modules of the e-scooter sharing app, the estimates of this e-scooter app development cost will come between USD 18k to 22k or out to be as follows:

These prices depend on the number of hours that the programmers put in to build the e-scooter app. The price structure can change based on customization in the program features.

Now that you're aware of the updates and how much it might cost you to join the company venture which is getting the new port of traders, you can consider using a Bird or Lime of your own.

Connect with us for further questions regarding on-demand e-scooter app development and receive expert guidance. It is also possible to request a free app demo.


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How to find an e-scooter app development company

Firstly, we need to aware of the organization that has good knowledge about the app or not.

Factors that should be considered before finding the scooter app development company:

  • Seeing their evaluations and testimonials there is a variety of sites operative in the market these days such as Clutch and AppFutura etc which works around evaluation the different eScooter app development company around the globe.
  • Something as straightforward as the portfolio will provide you with a good idea of what to expect from them, not just in terms of their development process but also the design guidelines they follow.
  • The team size that they have employed in-house it's essential to make sure that the team makeup of the scooter program builders.
  • Check sites post evaluations and reviews of different agencies.
  • Check all the history, see previous app functionality and also see the market review.
  • Looking at the job agency has done up to now, particularly about the on-demand front can be a fantastic start of your partnership.
  • You also should head over to these websites to see what other businesses have said on your shortlisted agencies.

Apart from these, you should fix a meeting either on Skype and discuss it with our app development team

Ashish Goyal Ashish Goyal is a digital marketing specialist at Xtreem Solution, a leading mobile app development company. He understands startups, enterprises, and their needs well. Apart from that, he is an expert in lead generation and inbound marketing. He has also handled the marketing and growing operations. He loves to help businesses in improving their online brand visibility and sales.

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