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ReactJS vs AngularJS: Which is the best framework of JavaScript

author Vikash Jangid
Thursday, Sep 27, 2018

ReactJS and AngularJS have been the strongest contenders in the territory of the JavaScript framework. Often developers keep struggling between the two of the frameworks to develop a scalable solution.

Both Angular and React are bundled JavaScript frameworks that ignite innovation and customization in mobile and web apps. With their unique set of good and not so good features, the AngularJS powers 1,471,509 Live Websites and ReactJS powers 305,267 Live websites.

AngularJS vs ReactJS

AngularJS has been developed and managed by Google that makes it a rapidly growing JavaScript Framework. ReactJS owned by Facebook is equally brimming with growth and that is why we see a significant growth in ReactJS Development.

AngularJS and ReactJS have been on a see-saw ride to top for development of cutting-edge Mobile and Web Applications. With a mature library and active communities, both of the frameworks keep offering newer versions very often.

Taking into account the data from StackOverflow and GitHub it can be predicted that ReactJS developer community is currently riding the high wave of popularity. The developers tend to go for ReactJS because of some advantages that will be unrevealed in this article.

AngularJS and it's stand

AngularJS was the first framework called a Superheroic JavaScript MVVM framework to support the building of superior interactive web applications. Released in October 2010, AngularJS is used by popular websites like Google, weather.com, and Forbes. 

Advantages of AngularJS

Google has been using AngularJS development to fuel lots of its projects. The new UI of Adwords is implemented on AngularJS.

Popular for its fastest compiler that allows any level of complex code to be compiled within 3 seconds, AngularJS is a choice for highly interactive Apps, Its enhanced RXJS and a new HttpClient launch add equally to its widespread adaptability. Backed by a team of the active developer community, Angular JS offers a detailed documentation to learn and grow from.

Minimization of errors is possible with AngularJS two-way data binding. Its two-way data binding allows Model Data to DOM connectivity via the controller that has a significant impact on the performance of App. It MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) facilitates the ease with which multiple developers can work on the same pieces of code to add more functionalities. React Components have a dependency on modules makes it more customizable. Best time to use Angular JS is when the App has low to medium complexity handling. 

Limitations of AngularJS

AngularJS syntax is complex as compared to other JavaScript frameworks. Although the complexity of syntax has gone down with its versions, the Angular 5 version is comparatively simpler than all. If your application has been developed on an older version and you wish to move it to the next version, the job is not easy. 

Angular 5 is primarily fueling some very highly interactive website like YouTube, Upwork, Google, Telegram, Freelancer and more.

ReactJS and it's stand

ReactJS is comparatively a newer JavaScript framework. Developed by Facebook, the world witnessed the first version of ReactJS in the year 2013. Being an open-source JavaScript library and backed by actively buzzing community of developers, it is used by some of the world’s most dynamic web applications.

Advantages of ReactJS

ReactJS GitHub following is around 70,000 developers. The primary reason for the same is its super simple English like syntax.  Quite similar to HTML, ReactJS offers developers a great opportunity to learn an entirely new programming language that is popular and can help them grow.

Being extremely responsive, ReactJS meets the rising demand for dynamic Web and Mobile Apps. With Virtual DOM, ReactJS allows a better interaction between a web browser and the Web Apps. A load-bearing architecture of ReactJS framework makes it an ideal platform to handle heavy loads. 

As a flexible and scalable framework, it allows downward data binding. The data flow ensures child elements are not affected by the parent data. You will find ReactJS with lots of updates and bug fixes because of its highly active community. Pertaining to its lightweight framework, it allows implementation of heavy data handling web or mobile apps. Using codemods, the migration of solutions from an older version of ReactJS to newer version is easy and almost automated.

Limitation of ReactJS

ReactJS is super easy and that is why it lacks the official documentation from Facebook. As the community support is massive one may find a lot going on with its versions, updates and bug fixing that at times confuses the developers. Only one aspect that makes ReactJS development time longer for React JS developer’s id the integration of User Interface and MVC framework.

ReactJS fuels some of the very popular websites and mobile Apps like Facebook, Netflix, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Yahoo, New York Times and Airbnb.

The verdict of ReactJS Vs AngularJS

Both of the frameworks are there to stay for a long time but with ReactJS rising popularity and its ease of adoption, we see ReactJS rise above AngularJS. Fueling both Mobile Apps and web App ecosystem, ReactJS is all set to take the test of the time while we see Angular JS is still struggling with some potential bugs. Presence of JSX and prompt rendering makes ReactJS a highly impactful framework among JavaScript frameworks that allows handling websites that are of Medium to High complexity.

Both the frameworks differ in below aspects. While picking up the right framework primarily depends upon the end user, one can compare the below aspects before a decision is taken.


ReactJS and AngularJS both are open sources software platforms so licensing and license fees is not a pain area here.

MVC architecture

AngularJS allows development of code with lesser lines but does not support high complexity handling. ReactJS, however, is MVC view only leading to more lines of code that are capable of superior complexity.

Ease of Templating

Creating of UIs is easy with ReactJS that uses JSX file while Angularjs uses TypeScript file that is complex to code. Front-end developers prefer ReactJS.

Data Binding

AngularJS wins here as it allows two-way data binding for better App performance but with ReactJS the debugging becomes significantly easy.


Two-way data binding hinders the performance of AngularJS solutions while Virtual DOM of ReactJS makes it a high-performance solution.


While ReactJS is both easy and performance oriented, all versions of Angular JS offer quick data handling. The decision of the two may sound difficult. If that is so, you may contact our solution development experts as a ReactJS development Company to take a right decision that is in sync with your project requirement. Both the frameworks offer strong competition to each other but as for the complexity and dynamic needs of the solution, React JS is a winner without even a second thought. Standing the test of the time ReactJS has been garnering more attention from the developer community which is a good sign. 

About The Author - Vikash Jangid CEO

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