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What is a shopping cart and why is important for e-commerce?

author Vikash Jangid
Wednesday, Oct 03, 2018

We all are well aware of a supermart shopping cart. With most of the shopping turning digital, a shopping cart for a website or mobile apps performs the exact same function as the one in the supermart.

Effectively a shopping cart embeds the capability of streamlining the shopping for the customer. Not only does a good shopping cart allow the buyer to reserve the products before he checks out, it makes his shopping experience delightful that is achieved by CMS website development.

When we think of a good shopping cart at supermart, it must be easy to pull along and must not make any noise. A good online shopping cart feature set is way apart from the physical shopping cart. Let us first understand what a shopping cart is:

Shopping cart and more

The entire purpose of the shopping cart developed by a ReactJS developer is to make the process of buying simplified for the buyers encouraging more sales and a direct profit to the online sellers. A reputed eCommerce website lays strong emphasis on creating a reliable shopping cart service. These shopping carts are not only versatile but augment the sales by allowing buyers, select, alter the size or count, delete or store the items of purchase till they check out.

A shopping cart is an inspirational element for the buyer and reflects how well organized an eCommerce store is.

What does the Shopping cart do to encourage sales?

Shopping carts are available as a ready to use a plugin and can be written from scratch also for extreme customization. A website or React Apps developed by AngularJS Development Company allows eCommerce owners to pick a fully hosted or self-hosted Shopping Cart. Today the carts have turned smart. 

Going beyond just preserving the items of purchase, a Shopping cart mirrors the shopping behavior of the consumer and makes the owner aware of what sells more and what are the reasons behind abandoned products. Not only does it make selling easy, but it also encourages more sale, let us see what more does it render to the website.  

  • Makes shopping secure

Till date buyers are scared of security issues on e-commerce platforms. Addition of a shopping cart using ReactJS development is the doorway to a secure and organized shopping. Having a shopping cart in the e-commerce store has become a prerequisite of security. The buyers tend to trust a website more if it has a shopping cart as opposed to the one that does not have it.

  • Physical Shopping experience

Looking at it from the buyer’s end, an online shopping cart makes buying online as easy as the physical cart. The buyer can keep browsing the products and adding them to the cart. He is not required to make a purchase decision right away. In the end, he can always review his cart make changes to the product in the cart and make the best choices before he decides to checks out. Even if he has to drop shopping in between, he is sure that the cart is holding his items and he can get back website with his choicest products in the cart waiting for him.

  • Data Management tool

A lot of logistics goes behind any item to be purchased. Not only does it allow the shopping experience to stay organized but it facilitates the calculation of shipping charges, taxes, payment information at the time of shopping. Once the purchase is made, the user can have access to the shopping history and go for returns and refunds right from the shopping cart. It acts as a data collection tool for the store owner. The data collected here is actually the shopping behavior of buyers that is analyzed to strategize the sales, discounts, coupons and free shipping.

  • Access to the rest of the store

The shopping carts along with the recommendation engine work wonderfully to offer to buy suggestions to the buyers. Suggestions like the user who bought product ‘A’, also bought product ‘B’. The suggestions are based on the user’s previous shopping behavior.

  • Trustworthy payment collection

With shopping carts, shopping and billing both become a delightful experience. The shopping carts allow buyers to get the exact amount of purchase, discounts, taxes, shipping charges and more. Each and every kind of payment can be processed using a good shopping cart.

  • Shopping encouragement tool

Shopping cart acts as a platform where the seller can encourage the buyer to go for further purchases. An example is offering free shipping if the cart amount exceeds an amount of $100. The customers can create wish lists and have a cart ready to make purchases anytime.

How does the shopping cart help e-Commerce sellers?

Shopping cart offers a brilliant way for e-commerce sellers to stay on top of the store. Let us understand how:

  • Administration Ease

Shopping carts offer an administration panel to the sellers that can be easily navigated and the sales data can be managed right from a single point.

  • Information Page

The shopping cart also acts as an information page where reviews, product videos, and more details are available for a buyer to make an informed decision.

  • Filter updates

The filters like the count of the same item and all can be altered right from the shopping cart. The buyer does not have to go to the product page again this encourages sales.

  • Synchronization of payment

Shopping carts augment fast checkout in a more secure manner. The buyers and seller can trust the shopping carts for synchronization of payments without having to depend on 3rd party tools.

  • Insight to sale trends

The sales data is all created in the shopping cart and can be used by sellers to understand how the sales of a particular product are performing. This data analysis can lead to sale optimization.

  • Chat support

Shopping carts today come with bots that offer a platform for buyers to get their queries answered quickly so that the buyers can make a shopping decision.

To wrap

Integrating a shopping cart to eCommerce website has not only become important but dispensable.  Customization of carts to manage the sales and offer buyers a seamless buying experience is a need of the time to stay ahead of the competition. Shopping carts are available to be integrated according to the volume of traffic that reaches the e-Commerce portal. You can either go for ready to use plugins or approach a plugin development organization, which can develop precise carts that serve the purpose for your business model. Right from B2B to B2C websites, shopping carts are fueling the sales. A smart and intelligent cart is the one that understands the shopping behavior and encourages more sales. This can be achieved by customization only.

Vikash Jangid Corporate Director Chairperson and CTO at Xtreem Solution with unbound opportunities. As CTO of Xtreem Solution, build leadership to the growing and diverse membership to build a strong and environmentally sound IT Enterprise. Responsible for the management, organization and implementation of all activities and programs. As part of this role also helps to develop and promote mutually respectful partnerships around Nations, Business Executive, Developer, investors and key stakeholders within the global exploration and IT community.

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