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Support to Magento eCommerce 1 has been extended till 2020: Here's All you need to Know

author Written by Vikash Jangid on Dec 17, 2018 1191

If you are an e-commerce business, you must know what all Magento eCommerce 1 is doing for you. An open-source platform that helps an online business to create a flexible cart system, this technology is not an alien to the digital business world. However, it’s time to bid adieu this powerful tool as support to Magento 1 is going to end in June 2020. 

There is no hidden secret that the online merchant used to swear by the functionality of Magento 1. The news could be mind-boggling for sure, but now is the right time to move to a platform which is more viable when it comes to controlling the look, powerful marketing, content-customization, catalog management, and result-oriented search engine optimization for the online store. Yes, we are talking about Magento 2

The functionality of Magento development can be made out from the fact that many big guns like Fox Connect, Samsung, Fort, Nestle Nespresso, Levono, Vizio, Olympus, and Nike along with other 250,000 retailers across the globe are relying upon this platform for their online business. As the news of End of Life of Magento 1 is out, all these retailers are finding ways to deal with it. 

What does it mean to EOL or End of Life of Magento 1? 

If you are thinking that the platform will completely go off from the picture after the Magento eCommerce 1 extends date then we would to like to correct you in this.  In general, End of Life means that there will not be further updates or security patched releases of that particular version thereafter. 

In the meantime, Magento will only continue to release the security patches along with the quality fixes for 1.9 -1.14 Enterprise/Commerce versions only.  Magento 1.x support will be lapsed by end of June 2020. 

If you are using this open source program with 1.5-1.9 versions then you will be able to get only security patches services till the time EOL approaches. 

What makes Magento 1 to go out of the limelight? 

We all are living in a progressive world.  Keepin up the same philosophy, Magneto has launched a new version i.e. Magento 2 in the year 2015. With extra sets of advanced features and boisterous functionality, this newly-minted version has surely garnered much of fame for itself among the global online merchants. 

It got succeed to present more satisfying selling experience in digital space. Though the Magento 2 gained all the fame, it was Magento 1 that has to take a back seat to make the way for its successor, thus comes the announcement to discontinue the technical support for Magento 1


Earlier, speculations were there that the support will end by November 2018. The news created much havoc amongst the online merchants as the date was just around the corner and finding alternative in such a short period of time was next to impossible. 

With more than 25% of the total online merchant using this platform, it is not a cake walk to ditch existing Magneto 1 overnight. That is why Magento eCommerce 1 extend date i.e. June 2020 was announced. 

Though you have now two years time in your hand, it is clever to shift before the D-Day. If you want that your online business should not hamper while Magento 1 is taking its last breath by June 2020 then you should find out the ways to deal with before Magento eCommerce 1 becomes the passé. 

What are the ways to deal with an elapse Magento eCommerce 1 support? 

The most obvious way to deal with the pass-out of Magento 1 is to switch to Magento 2 as it is the future. With API as a core part of its integration, this new-fangled version is what you need to run your online business seamlessly.  It’s PHP5.6+ / 7.0 will definitely re-dine your online selling experience.  The Magento development in this latest version is not only high-end but is highly futuristic. 

If you are wondering how to create a mobile app for your online business that provides par –excellence buying experience to your customers and a commendable selling experience to you the migrating to Magento 2 is the only answer. 

Should you migrate to Magento 2? 

Do you know how to create a mobile app for your online store with any support from the platform? 

Are you able to fix all the security patches issues on your own?

Would you like to run your online business over a platform that is no more secure in the digital world? 

If the answer of the above questions is a big “No”, you should immediately migrate to Magento 2. 

What are new additions in Magento 2? 

“Each successor should be better than its processor to justify its arrival”.

The above statement holds grounds of reality in the case of Magento 2 in all respects. With an advanced set of features and more robust integration, this latest version rules over the heart of online merchants. 

Here are some features of Magento 2 that make it stand out:

  • A new archetype for high speed
  • PHP5.6+ / 7.0
  • Native  HTML5/CSS3 support
  • More powerful content staging.  The earlier was very poor in this section. 
  • Facility to do Elastic Search 
  • No external PayPal support. This version has came within-site PayPal support that means fast and secure payment gateways. 
  • PCI Compliance Hosted Fields
  • Unlike the previous version, it has a PDP integrated video feature. 
  • Full page Cache along with Varnish feature
  • Better Automated Tests along with rigorous extension testing. 
  • Zero tables locking during checkout. 
  • Customizable data grid for your online catalog. This feature was totally absent in the first version. 
  • Admin panels are highly responsive. 
  • Pricing by order volume

What are the software and hardware requirements for the migration? 

It is not only Magento 1 is going to be outdated, but its PHP 5 will also won't be functional in case of the new version. Thus, if you want a hassle-free migration, it is important to know what the basic requisites are. 

As you are all set to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, its time to know what are the basic software and hardware requirement while to aim for a successful migration. 


Software requirements

  • MySQL requirements- 5.6, 5.7 or MariaDB 10.0,10.1,10.2 or Percona 5.7
  • PHP requirements- 7.0.13+ or 7.1.x
  • HP extensions requirements- bc-math, curl, json,  ctype, dom, gd, intl, mcrypt, mbstring, hash, iconv , openssl, , SimpleXML, soap, spl, PDO/MySQL libxml, xsl, and zip 

Hardware requirements

  • Minimum of 2G RAM
  • Solid State Drive of 24GB+

What are the steps of the migration? 

The migration to Magento 2 is one of the easiest things that one can do provided you hire the professionals for the task. This 5-step simple task involves below-mentioned stages. 

  1. Stock M2 installation- Of, course you need a fresh copy of Magento 2 software for the migration. 
  2. Data migration- The process of data migration in this latest version is pretty easy as compared to previous versions. With the launch of automated Magento Migration Tool MMT, it is easy and simple like never before.  Having said that doesn't imply that you can do it carelessly. It is one of the most crucial steps that provide the answers to all the queries related to “How to create a mobile app for your online store” in the future. Hire Magento 2 developers to do it diligently. 
  3. Theme migration- With pre-made Magento 2 themes, you will be able to save a lot of time.
  4. Migrating extensions
  5. Testing

Magento 2 is future. If you want to see your online business thriving in the near future then migrating to Magento 2 via hands of an experienced Magento developer is the only way out. So, don’t delay anymore as time is running out. 

Vikash Jangid
Corporate Director Chairperson and CTO at Xtreem Solution with unbound opportunities. As CTO of Xtreem Solution, build leadership to the growing and diverse membership to build a strong and environmentally sound IT Enterprise. Responsible for the management, organization and implementation of all activities and programs. As part of this role also helps to develop and promote mutually respectful partnerships around Nations, Business Executive, Developer, investors and key stakeholders within the global exploration and IT community.

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